Going Deep


Going Deep

Why is Tampa Bay going nuts on the surprise return of Tom Brady for a bonus season of NFL football? Why did Green Bay just sign Aaron Rogers to the most lucrative contract in NFL history, or was that Deshaun Watson? Will Mitchell Trubisky pick up in Pittsburgh where Big Ben left off? 

Should a forward thinking
and leading innovator ever settle
for the status quo? 

In football, there is no debate that the signal caller, the QB is the most important person on the 11-man offensive roster. Only the QB has the ability to GO DEEP! The QB is the focus of the opposing team’s defense as they set their sights on destroying him. Imagine everyone wanting a piece of you; frightening, yet thrilling.

In parking, ECO Parking Technologies has earned its position as the Quarterback of Energy Technologies. Starting as ECO Parking Lights in a one-room shared office suite nearly 15 years ago, co-founders Jeff Pinyot and Dave Packard began work on creating arguably the best parking garage lighting fixture in the parking industry. 

After earning the trust of the industry, ECO has gone on to do the largest parking garage lighting projects in United States from 17 garages at “THE” Ohio State University (the “THE” is in respect for Dave’s alma mater) for Campus Park, to the largest underground parking garage in the U.S., Millennium Parking, a compilation of over 4 million square feet currently managed by SP+ and parking celebrity Rick West. Now a shout out to MY alma mater, Hail to Pitt!

ECO doesn’t take its role in the parking industry lightly. The company has invested millions of dollars in ongoing development and innovation. ECO went from their one-room office with outsourced manufacturing to a state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) tech factory in Indianapolis, the Mecca of Parking and Technology. (ECO, T2, Parker, Denison, and others).

One of the strengths of the company is in our ability to listen and also to take on challenges. Looking to change the game and improve on our value proposition, we answered the challenge and request of Walker Parking (Walker Consultants) to create a light fixture that could go down the center of the drive lane, while delivering an even light spread and while hitting solid lighting numbers in the front of parked cars. 

We did it! And we did it while meeting the stringent Walker Parking lighting requirements, no easy task. We went deep and straight down the center of the parking field. The industry is rapidly receiving the center run fixture with outstretched arms and with way fewer cars covered with pigeon poop. Countless clients call it the best lighting quality in the industry. SESCO, the largest lighting specifier in the country says, “I must say this is by far the best product I have ever used!” (They would know a good product when they saw one).

Should a forward thinking and leading innovator ever settle for the status quo? Never! With the success of the Center Run LED fixture, the industry came calling again. “Can you guys make camera-based Parking Guidance affordable? We believe that owners want parking data and parkers want a Disney experience when parking.” ECO went deep again in responding to the industry with its award-winning Falcon Vision Parking Guidance System. 

Fast forward to today. In response, ECO created the World’s Only camera-based Parking Guidance System that is both Wireless AND Integrated into their parking garage lighting fixture! Understand that every garage needs lighting, and with 40 percent fewer fixtures required when placing them one across the span rather than two across, and no installation required except the WiFi system (Falcon Vision is factory installed in the parking fixtures – Parking Guidance in a Box!) you are talking major savings without suffering quality or features. 

Absolutely, no defense can handle the quick moving ECO Parking Tech and the speed and agility of their technology. Falcon Vision is not a Statue of Liberty trick play or a double reverse, no, it’s deep down the center of the field, seeing defenders on both sides with both eyes, speeding to score in the end zone, putting numbers on the board. 

Through unbelievable recruiting of the most talented developers in the technology universe, and by their many years of devoted service to the members of the parking community, ECO has conditioned its team for many regulation and overtime victories. 

Including Lighting, Lighting controls, Camera-based Parking Guidance, Video history, and even Bluetooth, Falcon Vision is running routes like no other Parking Guidance Manufacturer in the world. ECO is unique and the only team in the world that can do what they are doing. 

Draft ECO Parking Tech today, put us on your team as we Guide Parking’s Future and Piss off Pigeons….together!

Jeff Pinyot, President ECO Parking Technologies jspinyot@ecoparkingtech.com 

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Jeff Pinyot
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