Good Signs = Good Business’


Good Signs = Good Business’

With its garage in chaos, the Kaleidoscope Courtyards shopping and entertainment venue in Mission Viejo, CA, decided to make some major signage changes.
The project began in August 2004 after Summit Team Inc., the venue’s property management firm, retained Sign Clemente to improve signage and traffic flow in the parking garage.
“The general consensus among our tenants and patrons was that the parking garage was not only dark and ominous, but also difficult to navigate,” said Mike Israelsky, property manager. “In addition, it was nearly impossible for our patrons to figure out where to park based on their final destination. As a result, many tenants had started posting their own signs, making the situation even more confusing, and possibly deterring patrons from the center.”
To develop and implement a signage and traffic flow plan that would boost patronage and encourage repeat visits to Kaleidoscope, Bart Dellinger, President of Sign Clemente, collaborated with Grant Bjorn of Installation Services and John Michael of JMann Studios to bring order to chaos and brighten the once dark and gloomy garage.
“After surveying the property, taking photos from all different angles and evaluating the traffic flow, we felt that while this would be a huge undertaking, the goal of improving signage and traffic flow was well within reach,” said Dellinger. “Good signs equal good business, so Grant, John and I went to work on a plan that has ultimately extended the bright color schemes and bold architectural features of the Kaleidoscope’s main structure into the parking garage, and has brought the entire property together in a manner that has been well-received by both tenants and patrons.”
Phase 1 of the project included installation of oversized directional signage on 14 pillars in the parking garage. Employing a series of old and new signage techniques in order to achieve the desired improvements, JMann Studios used Adobe Illustrator 10 and Adobe Photoshop 7 to create each of the designs for the nine pillars. Installation Services then hand-painted the arrows, and the lettering was computer-generated and cut on Avery high-performance adhesive vinyl by Sign Clemente. After the installation was complete, each pillar was laminated in an anti-graffiti coating.
“We are very pleased with the results of Phase 1 of the signage project,” Israelsky said. “Bart and his team of signage experts were very responsive and took to heart what we were trying to accomplish. We look forward to working with them on the next phase of this project.”

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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