High-Speed Doors for High-Performance Parking Facilities


High-Speed Doors for High-Performance Parking Facilities

Office buildings, residential high rises and modern parking facilities of all kinds find ease of access for tenant and visitor convenience becoming more and more important, fueled in part by the growth of smartphone-based parking apps that provide real-time, on-street parking availability. 

However, these advanced apps can’t promise two other highly sought-after benefits – ensuring both security and safety – which is often a 24/7 must-have for the parking public. Maintaining security and complete control are critical aspects of a successful parking operation and can often be a competitive differentiator for success. In this way, high-speed/high-performance doors can play a crucial role in steering would-be parkers toward safe, secure and controlled parking facilities and away from the unknowns of the street.

High-Performance Door Benefits 

High-performance doors can help building owners and parking managers provide different user types with consistent, easy, secure parking access at different days and times – without creating additional management challenges.

With standard gates and conventional doors, unauthorized visitors might “tailgate” or “piggyback” behind a preceding vehicle and sneak into the parking structure before the door closes. Modern high-speed/high-performance doors address these issues while providing enhanced building security. Because these doors open quickly and close quickly and securely, they provide access to a secure structure, help prevent vehicle damage or theft and ensure the safety of all visitors. In fact, high-speed doors can open and close at up to 100 inches per second, helping maintain security, safety and a smooth flow of vehicles into and out of the parking structure.

With conventional gates and sectional doors, unauthorized persons often attempt to use a parking structure to gain access to the building itself, which puts residents and temporary users at risk of robbery or other crimes. Couple that with the state of many gate-accessed parking lots which have poorly-lit entrances, and it creates at least two ways in which unwanted persons might successfully sneak in without being detected. Not so with high-speed and high-performance parking doors at entrances and exits.

Thanks to quality materials and advanced construction, today’s high-performance doors are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles – longevity which is unequalled with standard doors. In fact, they’re designed with minimal maintenance needs in mind – including energy-efficient motors and self-diagnostic controllers – to ensure trouble-free, efficient operation, day in and day out. They also help reduce energy costs and minimize the likelihood of vehicle-door collisions. They provide reliable, dependable operation and, in effect, fade into the background by remaining trouble-free – allowing maintenance and property management staff to turn their attention to other problems or facility concerns.  

Many models of high-performance doors not only provide easy control, they simplify access and operation for both users and parking/building management. Today’s technology offers virtually unlimited options for access control, including Bluetooth-based technology, mobile apps, wireless key fobs and traditional key cards. For building owners and property managers, they can also be connected to a cloud-based access management portal that allows control of access rights based on individual users’ unique schedules and needs. Further, door control can be integrated with existing building access control systems, CO2 detection systems and much more, including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to communicate with a variety of actuators/activators. What’s more, in today’s COVID-19 environment, touchless door controls and activation systems, which reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, have become desirable and necessary for the majority of users and can provide greater peace of mind.

Increasingly, high-tech door controllers often play a key role in ensuring trouble-free connectivity, access, and operation of high-speed doors within parking facilities. “It is important for the door and controller to have the capability and flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of the facility and the application,” says Dan Gregoriou, VP Product and Engineering at Rytec Corporation. “Whether it be integration with access controls, ventilation systems or interactive traffic signaling, the system must work efficiently and effectively to meet both user and management needs.”


Maintaining High Standards of Safety

Safety is integrated into door functionality to minimize accidental impact events that could result in damage or injury. Common application safety features include one or more of the following: audible warning devices; LED flashing threshold safety light strips or revolving traffic lights; automatic edge sensors that reverse the door’s motion or prevent it from closing if the doorway is obstructed; motion or presence sensors that control open or close functionality if doorway traffic is detected; and adjustable timers within door control panels.


Designed for More Than Functionality

Building architects attempt to balance the functionality of these doors with visual appeal as well, and will ‘blend’ the door into the overall aesthetic of the rest of the building. Modern high-performance doors provide upscale apartments and condominiums with stylish security that enhances the experience of their residents and owners. In effect, these doors give building owners the perfect blend of heavy-duty, reliable design and architectural and aesthetic appeal. Plus, they offer ultra-quiet operation for building staff and resident comfort and satisfaction – while adding an impressive “Wow!” factor to the building.

In addition, other features can lend extra functionality and appeal, such as vision slats that provide visibility through the door, or ventilated slats which can be incorporated for air exchange. Also, a wide selection of RAL classic or custom match colors help fit the visual appeal of individual structures, buildings and architectural requirements.

“Providing aesthetic design features for architects and other project influencers helps to ensure specification of high-performance doors on the front end,” says Michael Watkins, VP Marketing at Rytec. “Then, the doors’ performance and style, as experienced by managers, visitors and tenants, help ensure long-term user satisfaction.” 

For today’s parking customer and building/facility parking manager, high-tech, high-speed and high-performance is the winning combination for parking safety, security and assurance of an overall positive experience. 

Michael Watkins is VP, Marketing, Rytec Corporation, He can be reached at mwatkins@rytecdoors.com


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