Holy Cow, I Understand the Arena


Holy Cow, I Understand the Arena

It’s troubled times for four men in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Three will serve hard time, 5 years and beyond. Their crime? They weren’t rich enough. What do I mean by that? These men all had great jobs, making great money, but I guess they thought that they deserved more. Or they thought, “who really cares, let’s just overcharge for services and who will get hurt by that?” 

It’s pretty obvious after this last week, THEY WILL get hurt, and their families, too. There is crying in “Me-Ville” this week. I’m sure these are nice guys, in fact, I know one of them, seriously decent guys. I don’t write this in judgement. Lord knows that if I had to wear a scarlet letter on my forehead as an accounting of my poor choices, there wouldn’t be a font small enough to fit all the failures. 

 Every time I walk through First Class on an airplane, I have so many blistering thoughts running through my head. For those that can afford First Class and it’s an earned luxury for you, and if you have a boss that approves it, or you are the boss, go for it! For the rest of us, are you putting a financial burden on the success of your company from the extra spend, simply to make you feel better about yourself? 

Again, no judgement, just stating what any of us think. We see you and we size you up as we walk by, hoping we get that perfect seat in the exit row beside the missing seat on Southwest Airlines. 

 Sixt Car Rental gets it, everyone has a shot at First Class. Try renting cars from this company, the world’s largest rental car company (available only in major U.S. markets). You’ll get a late model car that everyone can afford. Everyone gets to spend a day being important when you rent through Sixt.

 If you know me personally, you know my take on Disney (World or Land). The happiest place on earth. I don’t get it. It’s horrendously expensive, people take infant children there who will never remember being there (we did, more than once), dads cry as much as children cry at this place. It says America all over it. 

And Fast Pass lines, don’t let me get started. I could almost tolerate Disney without Fast Pass. Now, the rich get to go ahead of the line. What about “No Cuts, back to the end of the line”. It’s just NOT SO in Happy Land and Happy World. It’s to the front for the one spending the bigger bucks. Note that everyone pays big bucks here, some just bigger bucks for a “Gooder time”. Did you know that regular unknown human beings dressed in hot sweaty and stinky character costumes are now charging for their signatures at Disney these days? 

 Am I actually starting to think that everyone should get an equal life just because. No, Jeff, you don’t believe that, you just think there shouldn’t be as many opportunities for the rich to lord themselves over the middle class and poor. I better stop because I don’t believe in Socialism, I’m a Capitalist. 

I mean, I’ve risked it all and it seriously is a thrill ride the likes of what you find at a real coaster park like Kings Island or Cedar Point. Ladies and Gentlemen, despite what you’ve heard at Disney, it is NOT a Small World After All. The world is huge, and the opportunities are huge. OK, now I’m about to sound weak. In many ways, I LOVE Disney. I admire their creativity, their vision, their execution, and their staying power. They recreate themselves over and again. If you don’t believe that there is some truth in evolution, look at Disney, that place has evolved. I just don’t like Fast Passes. 

You don’t need to skim to get to the top, unless you happen to be a pool boy. If you’re living on daddy’s money, go see what the rest of us had to go through to make life happen. And, if you are one that was pretty much given a Fast Pass in life, step out of the skip ahead lane, jump in with the rest of us and let’s do life together. If you work for a Mickey Mouse employer, see what kind of employer you would be and start your own business. 

 I have a brand-new client, in fact, we were just passing final documents back and forth to sign, and he hit me on LinkedIn. I thought it odd, but it seems he up and quit his job. He didn’t agree with his employer as to the direction of the company, so he talked it over with his wife and four kids, put the house on the market and moved back home to North Carolina. No regrets. He is the exact same age as I was with the same amount of kids as I had when I took off the OSHA approved safety harness and started my company. I said, I know how this story goes, it’s about LESS and MORE.

In 12 years, he will have Less Hair, Less Money, Less Time, Less Patience, Less Tolerance, BUT, he will have MORE fulfillment, More Respect, More Freedom, More Opportunity, More Hope, More Passion, and More Knowledge. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, get on up and get on with it, what have you been waiting for?

 JVH rails on about Teddy Roosevelt and the Man in the Arena. Thinking about my new client I understand what he means by being in the arena. Take the risk. Jump in the arena, get bloody. It’s worth it.

 This amazing country was not founded on everyone getting equal. Why do other nations study the United States and want to emulate its methodologies? Because it works. No greater nation, no greater people, no greater opportunity, no greater today, and no greater tomorrow!

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Jeff Pinyot
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