How are Reservation Systems Changing Airport Parking?


How are Reservation Systems Changing Airport Parking?

As an online parking reservation provider, we see pre-booking your parking alongside your other travel reservations as the natural progression – for both long and short stay visits. Much the same way as it’s inconceivable to take a flight or even stay in a hotel without a reservation, the same is pretty much true of airport parking, for anything more than a very short stay.

With airport parking in particular, reservation systems give customers control over choosing the parking product that suits their particular travel needs. This, paired with a fast, stress-free booking experience, is vital. From the standpoint of the airports reservation systems streamline the parking process, removing unnecessary congestion and helping to better manage demand. 

Airport parking – future predictions? 

Demand for electric vehicle charging at the airport is something that we envision will rise steadily over the next 5 years. We are already having customers ask us to better identify those car parks with electric vehicle charging, and we are looking at the best ways to do this. As a parking reservation option, it is certainly something suppliers should be looking to integrate into the booking process in the near future. 

We’re finding that investment is being concentrated into
new solutions.

Additionally, from experience with our own airport clients, we’re finding that investment is being concentrated into new solutions with new smart structures being built and re-designed to further enhance the airport experience. 

Overall, it’s a challenging but exciting time for our industry, as more customers carry less cash and expect services that require fewer processes and faster turnarounds. It will be interesting to see how the sector responds and the new innovations that will follow. 

Valentina Moise is General Manager, 
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