How Does Your Talent Match Up With Today’s Technology?


How Does Your Talent Match Up With Today’s Technology?

“Operations managers were once looked upon as primarily the caretaker of the facility – making sure the equipment works and the cashier booths staffed.  And while revenue control remains a primary responsibility, we look for parking professionals who can also serve as business partners, specifically: how do they leverage technology to affect the customer experience, pricing and revenue growth? We now assume they have the skills to maintain a location and require the critical thinking needed to bring financial results and intrinsic value to our properties.” ~ Laura Longsworth, Vice President, Brookfield Properties

When Laura shared that quote with me in February 2014 as part of a Parking Today article I was writing at the time, it was considered quite the bolt of lightning. Operators leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience? Yield management – that won’t work in our industry. Online reservations probably won’t last.

Some thought that considering how a customer buys parking seemed like kooky-talk. Fast forward three years, and it’s pretty much embedded into the property owner/manager’s decision-making process when selecting parking management firms to run their locations.

If you’re in the business of driving company profitability through your location management team and are wondering how they stack up to their peers and client expectations when it comes to technology, then join me at 2017 PIE on March 8 for a lively discussion surrounding how to keep talent in line with technology.

Together, we’ll explore what today’s successful operator should know and be able to do when it comes to technology based on comparative data that are parking industry specific.

Already wondering if you may have a performance gap with some of folks and are trying to think of the next step? No worries, the second half of our time together will be dedicated to answering that question when it comes to recruiting, training and developing your team, along with how to identify the best IT resources to help guide the way.

As with all my presentations, I strive to balance content with two-way dialogue and practical planning, so you can leave with a bit more knowledge and, as important, action items you can immediately put to use back home to meet the objectives you want when it comes to developing and leading your team.

So if you’re curious to explore not just what today’s operator is expected to know and do, but also how to best keep up with the never-ending technology evolution, stop by and have a listen, share some thoughts, and walk away with best-practices you can immediately put to use.

Colleen M. Niese is one of two Principals at Marlyn Group – a consultancy specializing in building and advancing leadership teams in the parking industry through executive recruiting, training and development and strategic HR services. Contact her at

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