How to be Published in PT’s Industry News


How to be Published in PT’s Industry News

Industry News is our most read section. It’s to the credit of Parknews editor Astrid Ambroziak. She collects news daily about our industry and posts it at This comes from numerous sources like Google, the PR wire, and from news releases sent to us by organizations about their parking activity. These include manufacturers, cities, universities, airports, consultants, and individuals in the industry. Then, once a month, we take the “Cliff Notes” version of that news and those PR releases and print them in Parking Today as Industry News. To make it easy for you, we print the people and company names in each one in bold.

We created because print magazines are notorious in their inability to get news in real time. They have deadlines that are up to four weeks before the issue date. So gets you the headline, and Parking Today gets you the summary. You can always go back to Parknews and use its search engine to find the complete article.

If you want to be in Industry News, it’s easy. Simply send your news release in Word or PDF format to Within 24 hours of receipt, she will post it in total on Then a few days before our print deadline, she sends the links from each story to our copy editor Melissa, who creates the “Cliff Notes” version and posts it in PT under Industry News. And all that is FREE.

To summarize. To be published in PT’s Industry News, send your news release in Word or PDF format to Astrid and it will happen automatically. The email to remember is

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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