Ideal Remedy for Aging, Inefficient Lighting at General Mitchell Airport


Ideal Remedy for Aging, Inefficient Lighting at General Mitchell Airport

Project Summary

Challenge: Replace four different types of aging luminaires/lamp sources with a single, controllable solution that meets IES light-level recommendations and also achieves Wisconsin state targets for allowable wattage per square foot.

Solution: TekDek TD17 with TekLink TL50 controls.

Benefit: One-to-one replacement of more than 4,000 incumbent technology fixtures that ranged from 70 to 250 watts with 49W TekDek LED fixtures containing occupancy sensors and daylight control.

Creating Positive First Impression at Airport of Safety, Security with Lighting and Controls

First-time visitors to Milwaukee will find a bustling metropolis with a lovely lakeshore and world-class restaurants and amenities. But before they get to enjoy all the city has to offer, chances are they will arrive via General Mitchell International Airport (GMIA). In order to reduce maintenance and energy costs, and create a positive first impression on visitors, GMIA is converting all airport terminal lighting to LED, including its adjacent 9,000-space, 6-story parking garage.

Before relamping, the airport garage contained four different types of incumbent lighting consisting of 150w and 250w high-intensity discharge (HID) metal-halide units, and 70w and 150w high-pressure-sodium (HPS) units.

Some lights had been removed during a previous renovation, leaving the garage dark in some areas; the HPS lights glowed a dim orange in others. To properly illuminate the space, GMIA chose to install 4,000 new LED luminaires.

Working closely with Elan Lighting and Leedy & Petzold Consulting Engineers, the airport selected Kenall’s 49L LED TD17 luminaires, controlled by integrated TekLink TekDek TL50 controls.

Daniel Piper, Project Manager from Leedy & Petzold, said that engineers faced significant location challenges, including issues with spacing, mounting, direction of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and lumens-per-watt requirements.

He said Kenall Manufacturing products provided “all the options needed for the application.” Users and specifiers also valued working with a local (Kenosha, WI-based) manufacturer: It design personnel visited the job site to provide customized solutions and support as needed.

The TekDek TD17 luminaires at GMIA have a ceiling-mount design with some direct conduit entry, and TekLink TL50 controls provide occupancy-sensing and daylight harvesting on a per-unit basis.

Each unit is controlled remotely, eliminating the need for maintenance personnel to climb a ladder in order to change the settings. When no traffic is nearby, the luminaires dim to 10%, but as soon as occupancy is detected, the lights turn up to full power.

The microwave occupancy sensors do not require line-of sight or a heat signature to trigger, making them an ideal choice for the brisk Milwaukee winters. This, along with the more efficient LEDs, is designed to provide GMIA with significant energy savings.

On behalf of Milwaukee County and Mitchell airport, County Executive Chris Abele accepted a $105,000 rebate check from Focus on Energy – Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program – saying:

“The next-generation lighting system is more environmentally-friendly, while providing better lighting for travelers and reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. … We thank Focus on Energy for recognizing the airport’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and operate at a high level of sustainability.” 

TekDek TD17 with TekLink TL50 Features:

Outstanding uniformity for heightened safety and security of garage patrons.

Microwave occupancy-sensing and

Reduced maintenance costs due to long-life LEDs (150,000 hours).

Ingress Protection (IP65) rated and Wet Location listed; ideal for challenging parking environments.

Vandal-resistant design; ideal for use in
public spaces.

Kenall’s exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee (when specified with polycarbonate lens).

Benefits for General Mitchell International Airport:

Modern design aesthetic provides clean, attractive first impression for airport visitors.

Kenall’s patented optics reduce disabling glare, increasing patron safety.

Microwave sensors eliminate line-of-sight issues experienced by passive infrared.

Cost and energy savings via reduced
electricity usage.

Fewer maintenance hours.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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