Inrix Inc. Working with VoiceBox, PayByPhone


Inrix Inc. Working with VoiceBox, PayByPhone

 VoiceBox Technologies, the innovator of contextual natural language understanding and voice artificial intelligence (Voice AI) platform for the “connected” car, mobile and the Internet of Things, has integrated its technology into the OpenCar platform from Inrix Inc., a leading provider of dynamic connected car services worldwide.

Inrix also has announced the integration of PayByPhone’s on-street parking data and payment options into its end-to-end parking solution. This partnership, a company executive said, “strengthens the prediction capabilities of [our] on-street parking by adding historical and real-time parking transaction information. It also adds significant coverage to [our] in-car payment solution in North America and Europe.”
Inrix OpenCar,
VoiceBox Voice AI Integration
OpenCar, the company said, “offers the automotive industry’s only standards-based application platform to leverage a rapidly expanding portfolio of brand-name automotive apps to create next-generation infotainment experiences.
“As automakers compete to establish unique, digital brand identities within their connected vehicles,” the company said, “OpenCar’s framework and development environment empowers automakers to design, certify, distribute, and manage apps and features for the life of the vehicle.
“By uniquely managing multiple layers of context, VoiceBox provides natural voice access to the broad set of OpenCar ‘infotainment’ applications. Optimizing access and ease of use, the AI-enhanced VoiceBox solution also has been shown to minimize driver distraction.” 
Inrix, PayByPhone Partnership
“PayByPhone plays a vital role in making Inrix ‘on-street parking’ the highest quality service with the broadest coverage, and solidifies [the company] as the preferred end-to-end ‘smart parking’ solution for the connected car,” said Alex Israel, Inrix VP and GM – Parking.
“In an industry where the most accurate data and seamlessly integrated user experiences will win, Inrix Parking will give our OEM partners a crucial edge over the competition,” he said.
Inrix launched the industry’s first dynamic off-street parking service in 2013, and introduced the first integrated on-street parking solution in 2015, which will soon be available in BMW ConnectedDrive, the company said. 
The company’s investment in the parking industry, according to a press release, was highlighted by the acquisition of ParkMe in 2015, “positioning Inrix as the preferred provider of parking information and services to leading automakers, including Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, as well as transportation agencies and drivers around the world.”
[Source: Inrix Inc.]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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