Intertraffic – The Largest Show on Earth


Intertraffic – The Largest Show on Earth

Although the 2008 Intertraffic show in Amsterdam combined parking and transportation, the parking component was larger than any other single parking show on earth. With a combined attendance of more than 20,000 and nearly 200 parking companies represented, Intertraffic 2008 was designed to knock your socks off.
This year, manufacturers took advantage of the show to launch their newest ideas for the parking marketplace. Much of this had to do with the computer/human interface, in-vehicle conveniences and mobility features. While companies are issuing tickets and collecting fees faster and more easily for the parker, they also are bringing cutting-edge computer technology to bear on the problem.
As you can see from the pictures nearby, the manufacturers go all out in building “European style” booths for this atypical trade faire. At least a dozen of these companies had exhibits larger than a typical single-family home and costing nearly as much. Many booths contained private meeting rooms, technology centers, bars and family-room-style rec areas.
Along with the event, the companies spent untold thousands of euros to wine and dine their customers. One chartered a ship and provided live entertainment including “Matrix” style singers and dancers. It kept the Matrix theme with some booth personnel dressed like the stars in the famous high-tech movie.
Most companies at Intertraffic 2008 are household names for the parking world. Skidata, Scheidt & Bachmann, Dambach, Zeag, Magnetic Automation, Parkeon, WPS, Misco, Siemens, Amano and dozens of others had exhibits in the five halls of the RAI convention center in Amsterdam. The show lasted four days, April 1-4, and was open for eight hours each day.
Intertraffic China was scheduled for April 24-26 at the Beijing Exhibition Center in conjunction with China Transpo 2008. And 2009 promises Intertraffic events in Shanghai and Istanbul.
Intertraffic Amsterdam is held every other year, with the next show set for late March 2010.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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