ISPARK Offers Parking Services in Istanbul


ISPARK Offers Parking Services in Istanbul

lSPARK was founded in 2005 as an affiliate company to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to offer high quality, safe, and modern parking lot services to drivers with the slogan ”Safe Parking Friendly Service.”

ISPARK, which is a member of the European Park Association EPA since 2008, is also the pioneer of the Parking Operators Association in Turkey. It also provides consultancy to all provinces and districts in Turkey and in the world that request parking lot applications and projects. The Turkish Parking Operators Association, which was established together with the 31 representatives of the public and private sector throughout Turkey, aims to bring institutionalism and standards to the parking industry.

lSPARK’s founding purpose is to take over Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s multi—story, outdoor parking lots and to manage and operate them with a centralized and systematized manner; and to establish a citizenship and parking culture, lSPARK AS, develops projects in order to contribute to reducing the density of traffic in the city, and it endeavors to strategically identify locations for new parking lots, and to predominantly build multi—story, underground and technological parking lots, lSPARK A.S. makes an effort to encourage short— term parking in the city, and to remove long—term parking from main arteries and transfer it to low—density regions. 

As it brought various projects and innovation to Istanbul, ”lSPARK A.Ş.” endorses integrated transportation. ISPARK has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality management systems certificates. Aside from the modern services it provides with its trained and technologically equipped staff, ”lSPARK A.S.” also contributes to reducing the density of traffic in Istanbul with projects like ”Boat Park”, ”Pocket Bus Terminal”, ”Smart Bike”, ”Park and Ride”, “Technological Parking Lots”, and “Smart Applications”. 

ISPARK, Turkey’s largest parking lot operator, is the institution that manages the largest parking capacity in a single city in Europe.

 As of January 2022, we manage a total capacity of 116,440 in 725 parking facilities.(309 On-Street parking pacility with 18.601 capacity, 83 Multi-Storey parking pacility with 37.726 capacity, 333 Off-Street parking pacility with 60.113 capacity)

As ISPARK, we also carry out the following projects; Land boat park so that boats can be parked on land, campaigns to expand the use of P+R car parks, in order to adapt to the developing technology, electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle school to popularize alternative transportation systems, payment options by credit card and mobile application to diversify payment systems, R&D studies on wind and solar energy in order to use alternative energy sources, energy monitoring system for immediate response to energy problems in parking lots, smart taxi stands, zero waste management system, parking professional qualification certificate.

Mevlüt Musa Cinar is the integrated management systems chief, Ispark – He can be reached at


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