It’s a Jeep Thing! Part 2


It’s a Jeep Thing! Part 2

January 2024


In the December 2020 issue of Parking Today, Jeff Pinyot wrote an excellent article about his experience with the Jeep Community and the power of the Jeep Wave and his prayer for society: 


“I pray that one day, our society will mimic the Jeep Wrangler community. I pray for a community of common ground and common purpose. I hope that one day, we will see each other as equal regardless of those same categories of race, creed, finances, and politics. BUT for now, I’ll enjoy my drives in the Jeep where the same CEO who ignores the receptionist on his way into the office will flash his two fingered gesture at a Pittsburgher he doesn’t even know. Or, where a janitor at a high school will flash the sign at a tenured professor at an Ivy League university.”


A small act of kindness or recognition can go a very long way.


Today, I experienced another Jeep community tradition, I was Ducked! Jeep Ducking began in Ontario in 2020 when a Jeep owner decided to do something to brighten both her and a stranger’s day. She went and bought a rubber ducky and placed the duck on a nearby Jeep. Duck Duck Jeep evolved from there, the main difference being that in addition to the duck being left on the Jeep, a Ducky Love Note with a positive message is attached to the duck for the owner to find. These ducks are kept and collected in the “Duck Pond,” or dashboard of the Jeep, bringing joy to their owner and fellow Jeepers alike. 


What if we did something similar in the parking community. What if, when you are going about your day and you see a parking enforcer, you give them a Duck? Imagine walking up to an enforcement officer and seeing the look of apprehension and fear, “Oh no, I hope this person is not going to be upset and angry because they got a citation.” And then that apprehension turns to genuine surprise and joy as you hand them a whimsical rubber duck with a note attached that says “Stay strong! We all have a job to do, and you are appreciated!” What kind of an impact do you think that would have? 


I would like to start by giving a virtual Duck to the Nashville Airport Parking Garage. Recently, my husband and I pulled into one of their parking structures and he was in absolute amazement at the lighted guidance system. He spent an extra 10-minutes driving around looking at how accurate the red lights and green lights were. He was like a kid, and it made me laugh. 


But then it made me think of that duck that was left on my Jeep with the Ducky Love Note telling me that they loved the color pattern of my Jeep. I found myself wishing I had a rubber duck with me so that I could leave it behind with a note to the parking attendant or manager, and they would know what an impression their operation made. 


I agree with what Jeff said in his article: “People today are STARVING for connection, belonging, purpose and relationship. None of which money or power can buy!” I would take it even further and say that people are also starving to feel appreciated, and that a small act of kindness or recognition can go a very long way. So don’t just Jeep On, Duck Duck On! 


Katherine Beaty is Executive Vice President of Customer Experience for TEZ technology. She can be reached at

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Katherine Beaty, TEZ Technology
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