LAZ Parking Charitable Foundation


LAZ Parking Charitable Foundation

October, 2023

LAZ Parking’s founder and CEO, Alan Lazowski, often says “My wholehearted belief is when you give unconditionally, you get back tenfold.” This belief is the foundation and driving force behind LAZ’s corporate culture of creating opportunity and giving back. 


In 2009, LAZ Founders created the LAZ Parking Charitable Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is simple: “To contribute time and financial resources to charitable organizations that make a positive difference in people’s lives.”


Since its inception almost 15 years ago, the LAZ Parking Charitable Foundation has distributed over $10M to many local, regional, and national charities including disaster and humanitarian relief organizations. 


In line with the Foundation’s commitment to working with organizations that make a positive difference in people’s lives, the LAZ Charitable Foundation has donated over $1M to Special Olympics. LAZ Parking also proudly supports The Novick Cardiac Alliance distributing $150K in support of their recent life-saving cardiac care in Ukraine. Founder Bill Novick’s passion for changing lives and providing hope for families inspires and motivates.


Regionally, our teams live “The LAZ Way” and have found ways to make a difference in their communities through giving of money and volunteering time. Some of these charities supported by LAZ Charitable Foundation are Habitat for Humanity, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, DC Central Kitchen, Take 5 to Care Food Drive, the Denver Rescue Mission, the Jordan Porco Foundation, Challenged Athletes Foundation, and so many more. 


LAZ believes in people and that we have a responsibility to elevate humanity through our conscious business practices giving back to both our local and global communities.


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