The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has honored Alan Lazowski — Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Laz Parking, and a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council — with its National Leadership Award for his dedication to the museum and its mission against genocide.

The award was presented late last year at the museum’s annual “What You Do Matters” New York Tribute Dinner, where guest speakers included TV journalist and talk show host Katie Couric and retired Canadian Army Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire, commander of the UN peacekeeping force in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

“Alan is an incredible supporter and advocate for the museum’s mission, and we are proud to recognize him with this honor,” said Andi Barchas, Director of the museum’s Northeast Regional Office. “The commitment of individuals like Alan allows the museum to continue to confront hatred, antisemitism, and genocide today.

“Sadly, Lt.-Gen. Dallaire’s testimony [here today] reminds us that this work remains critical in today’s world as genocide continues to threaten populations 70 years after the Holocaust,” Barchas said.

Event Co-Chair David Lerman said, “Alan Lazowski is a man guided by the Torah-informed principle passed on to him by his parents. He was raised to lead a socially and morally responsible life, and recognizes the importance of making genuine connections with people.
“He brings these values to Laz Parking, a company that prioritizes the needs of others, from staff to customers to the communities it serves,” Lerman said.

“I am humbled by this recognition from the U.S. Holocaust Museum,” Lazowski said in accepting the award. “As the son of Holocaust survivors, it is an honor to support the museum and to be a part of its valuable cause.

“The museum is not just a memorial to one of the worst tragedies in history,” he said. “It exists so that we never forget the atrocities of genocide and work hard to prevent them from happening again.”

His parents survived the Nazi occupation of Poland, and the importance of fighting hate was instilled in him at an early age.

His father, Rabbi Philip Lazowski, who narrowly escaped death in Poland as a young man, wrote about his story in “Faith and Destiny.” Now well-known in the Greater Hartford (CT) Jewish community, Philip Lazowski immigrated to America and became a prominent rabbi in Bloomfield, where Alan grew up.

A Hartford native, Alan Lazowski is Chairman and CEO of Laz Parking, which he co-founded with two friends in 1981.
It is the second-largest and fastest-growing parking company in the U.S. He currently serves as Chairman of the National Parking Association, and is a member of many
local and national philanthropic  organizations.

For the past 25 years, Lazowski has generously supported the museum’s mission, including raising funds for the new state-of-the art David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center, which will open this year and house the collection of records on the Holocaust, ensuring that future generations learn this history.

In 2014, President Obama appointed him to the museum’s Memorial Council, where he serves on the Education Committee.

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