Mobility – One Easy, Pain-Free Journey


Mobility – One Easy, Pain-Free Journey

Yes, we are here to talk all things parking, but mobility is on your mind. Go ahead; admit it. The excitement in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is beyond the norm. MaaS isn’t just a nice concept anymore – it’s an international reality changing the way people think about mobility within the urban environment.

If you still aren’t sure what we mean by MaaS, this is a PIE session for you. It is not about how we transfer people from their cars to public transport, but more about a user-centric view that allows the better planning and management of all modes of transport.

A journey is no longer from A to B via a single mode, but can be considered as multiple single trips combined into one easy, pain-free journey.

In this session, we’ll define the sharing economy, access economy, on-demand economy – terms used interchangeably, though not always fully understood. We’ll dive into the recent socio-economic shift that reinvented how and what we consume.

And if that didn’t hook you, how about we face reality and really home in on the elephant in the room — a world where usage trumps possession, access rather than ownership is king, and where consumers’ immediate needs can be satisfied with the tap of an app.

You in? Good. See you at PIE. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter at @AndyMobility.

Andy Taylor, AKA “Andy Mobility,” is Global Strategy Director and “Master of All Things Mobility” at Cubic Transportation Systems. His background in mobility stems from the day when his scooter translated big ideas to his trike and then into his first car. His thrill with all forms of mobility goes back four decades.

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