Officer, Why Did I Get a Parking Ticket?


Officer, Why Did I Get a Parking Ticket?

Seriously, there must be a better way. 

There is! Unique advanced AI transforms the traditional way of on-street and surface lot parking payments and enforcement.

Urban Parking sometimes can get hectic – spending precious time on finding a parking space, either on-street or at a surface lot, walking to the payment kiosk, forgetting to make a payment, perhaps taking a bet to skip a payment with a risk of getting a ticket, or even getting your vehicle towed.

Now imagine that all this goes away!

Starting from precise navigation to finding a parking spot at a curbside or a surface lot. As you park your vehicle and start walking to your destination, a text message is automatically sent to you reminding you to make a payment. The text will include a payment link to the appropriate service provider of the location you have parked. If you have a permit, no worries – your vehicle is automatically recognized, and you go on with your business. This is seamless parking.

With its unique advanced Video-based AI, WiseSight brings monitoring and enforcement of Curbside and Surface lots parking to the next level by identifying, reporting, and managing in real-time vehicle movement and parking. By leveraging advanced AI with enforcement and mobile payment platforms, the system increases revenues to the parking asset owners and operators by maximizing the potential of every single space, while keeping parking extremely simple for the drivers.

“Parking wasn’t merely an issue to them, but for many it is. We wanted to develop a new system that would make the whole ordeal of parking completely frictionless,” says Akiva Armon, WiseSight CEO. 

The Co-founders desired to make an impact on something much larger than defense; something that would make an impact on people’s lives. “We wanted to bring our knowledge from the defense industry to better the day-to-day challenges with parking,” Armon added.

“We wanted to create a change to what we believe is currently a limitation of the municipalities to reasonably capitalize on their parking assets without creating negative consumer reaction as a result of increasing the number of citations on every small violation. A typical scenario, which happens in multiple cities around the globe, is where about half of the parkers do not pay for Curbside or City lots parking. Out of those parking violations, only 5 percent are handled by a citation officer.” 

One of the factors for traffic jams on highways that are adjacent to urban and high-demand parking areas is the drivers constantly searching for available parking spaces, which leads to overall congestion within those areas, as well.  

“We wanted to find a way to completely digitize this experience and make it frictionless, so we developed IoT devices that recognize automatically where and when you parked your car. For the parker, there is no need to download a special payment app – they can use the same payment application that is currently supported by the municipality or the parking lot.”  

For the city or a parking operator, the system provides the tools  to manage their parking assets accurately and efficiently. For the parking officers, the system is like a breeze. There is no longer a need for the officer to look up each vehicle’s license plate to check if a payment occurred, or if the duration for payment has expired. The system provides seamlessly all the information the officer needs.

The solution is implemented quickly in the field as a PLUG & PLAY product by our subject expert matters teams. The solution is bundled with our comprehensive management platform.  Once the system is operational and live feeds are streaming to the management platform, the captured data is used to monitor vacancy and occupancy for the various parking space types (Hourly, Daily, Permit, and Accessible), analyze traffic and parking patterns, and enhance the overall security of the monitored zones.

The company has successfully implemented the system for multiple municipalities in Europe, Middle East and now has started to deploy the solution in the U.S.

Projects have started in Pittsburgh and at major carparks at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona, and the Hoover Dam visitor site in Nevada.

For more information, contact Levi Rinkoff, Executive VP at WiseSight at

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