On Gerald … and Presidential Predictions


On Gerald … and Presidential Predictions

I run into the coolest people wherever I go. I haven’t always noticed them, I’m sad to say, so I’ve missed so many great opportunities to truly experience the cross culture of our Bi-Polar World. (Get it? The North Pole and the South Pole … Bi-Polar.)

What a divisive time for our young nation. Young, compared with all the mature nations that have had many more years, decades and centuries than the United States. Basically, we are the baby of the world’s family. It’s quite amazing when you think of it, that the adults look to the child for guidance.

So, like I said, wow, bitter anger, deflation, hidden videos, propaganda, hate, stubbornness – and that’s just in the NFL. I haven’t even gotten to the U.S. political scene yet.

Like him or not, “Trump Trumped the Machine!” With or without the help of Putin, it’s done, signed, sealed and delivered. As I write this, I am still shocked by the outcome, but I did predict it, just as did Michael Moore (the only thing I have in common with him). I just knew in my gut that, somehow, Trump was going to pull out the surprise victory like the Cubs pulled out the World Series.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s certainly time to look ahead and to give the guy a chance. Oh, how I’m fortunate that you all don’t know my personal struggles and failings. You might never read a column of mine again.

I’m going to root for President Trump to be successful. I’m going to root for him to learn humility through his power and to learn love and respect for all the Americans. In my heart, I think he will. (He certainly has an incredible VP who I’m certain will be a great mentor to him.)

I once wrote about a shoeshine guy and the surprise ending. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google my name and “Shoeshine!” (Parking Today, August 2016).

I’m on a flight from Indy to Phoenix, writing, because I love to write when I fly.

I took time to get another shine at the airport today, this time from Gerald. Gerald was the guy I used to think wasn’t worth getting to know because he’s so different from me – he shines shoes, I “shine” parking garages.

These days, I never miss a chance to talk to any “Gerald” that I encounter.

This Indy airport Gerald has been shining shoes for 36 years. How many of you have done anything for 36 years? Gerald loves his job. He gave my shoes a “Million Dollar Shine!”

I asked him: What would you do with $10,000 of found money? And what do you think this humble man, who has broken his back serving wealthy business travelers, would do with his money?

The very first thing Gerald said he would do was to tithe 10%. He was going to give 10% right back in appreciation for the life he was given. Remember, this is coming from a shoeshine man.

Next, he would spend $1K on himself and the last $8K on paying bills. He would treat himself to a great steak dinner at St Elmo Steak House, an iconic restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. I would love to be invited to eat dinner with Gerald.

I like Gerald. I knew from the second I sat down at his shoeshine stand that I would. I don’t necessarily like President Trump, for many of the exploited reasons, but I’ve come to realize that I wouldn’t like me either for many of the exact same reasons.

So, I’ve decided to like President Trump, as I like Gerald, and moreover, support his efforts, because they are likely to be genuine: He didn’t do it for the house, nor for the money, nor for the fame – he already had all of those.

I’ll make these predictions about the President:

He will become a humbler man every day of his presidency.

He will continue to anger people, but it may be for good reason.

He will single-handedly re-teach the world the purpose of the press.

He will remind the world that you don’t tell the enemy what you are about to do.

He will still have yellow hair when this is over – the first president to not go “gray.”

And, finally, Mexico probably won’t pay for the wall, at least not directly.

I’m done categorizing, I’m done judging others, and I’m done assuming.

I’m done missing out on the Geralds being in my life. I’m, just now, finally – boy, am I slow – figuring out that God put all of mankind into this bi-polar world on purpose, for our pleasure and for our delight.

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Jeff Pinyot
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