Overhauling Park City – TDM, Parking & Stakeholder Engagement


Overhauling Park City – TDM, Parking & Stakeholder Engagement

Park City, UT, boasts a popular historic district, with shops, restaurants and night life. In recent years, the congestion in the narrow “Main Street” historic corridor increased to the point that it adversely affected transit’s ability to function, and parking was no longer available for guests.

The city responded by completing a comprehensive parking study with NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates in 2016. They then worked to implement all findings from the study by overhauling the parking department with technology and paid parking.

In just one year, the city team acquired funding and launched PARCS, LPR, two guidance systems, collections management, mobile app, wayfinding signage, branding, meters and a facelift to the prominent garage.

At PIE 2018, an Overhauling Park City session will focus on the lessons learned, from the progressive implementation plan to the complete transformation of the TDM and how TDM is/was used as a strategy for launching paid parking. 

The city’s Parking Manager and Public Works Director will discuss the importance of the implementation timeline and how to be prepared for anything.  They will address the crucial need for technology integration and the considerations for support time required for deployment, including vendor management demands. 

Most important, they will discuss the matter of community outreach. Stakeholder engagement was extensive and ongoing throughout this project.  But how much is too much? This PIE 2018 session will be presented after the conclusion of the Park City winter season and will provide a thorough and candid city perspective of the complete deployment and implementation process. 

Also, your attention is directed to an article on its parking program in this issue of

The Parking Industry Exhibition 2018 will be March 26-29 in Rosemont, IL, next to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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