Parking Companies Work Together to Help Solve City’s Congestion Problem


Parking Companies Work Together to Help Solve City’s Congestion Problem

Cities often have congestion problems and, typically, they call on the traffic department to attempt to adjust signals or rework streets to ameliorate the concerns. Things are different in Las Vegas, as they turned to the parking department to assist.

It was thought that the advent of TNCs (Uber, Lyft, etc.) would solve the congestion problems in central cities, taking people out of cars and into limousine type private vehicles. Those thoughts were wrong. The TNCs actually caused more problems than they solved by cruising around empty, while their drivers waited for a signal on their smart phones sending them to their next pick up. 

Nevada’s largest city decided to get drivers off the street while they waited for that next fare. Las Vegas has set up a program partnering three parking companies to attract TNCs to a parking facility in the city’s downtown area. There, drivers find clean restrooms, a safe place to wait for their next call, and assistance if they need it. 

FlashParking, Parker Technology, and LAZ Parking worked together with the city’s parking department to develop and set up the program. 

Drivers with Uber can gain access to the garages by registering and verifying their status as driver through their phones. Upon verification, drivers can download the FlashParking app, which provides access during specified hours through Bluetooth or with a digital barcode in the app. 

Parker Technology will support the driver experience by using embedded two-way video intercoms to provide highly personalized service at the gates. Parker Technology will also support driver inquiries and service calls via phone and the city’s parking operator, LAZ Parking, will have an attendant onsite to ensure that drivers have a good experience.

Las Vegas Parking Services Manager Brandy Stanley was excited about the project. “If we can get a few hundred cars off the street during our busiest time, in this case, weekends, we can greatly reduce the congestion in our downtown core. This is an opportunity for parking to step up and assist in the workability of our city.”

Stanley noted that Uber was working with the city to entice drivers to use the parking facility. “Not only is it to their advantage to use the garage as it saves them gas and gets them out of the sun during our hot summer days,” she said, “but we feel that we increase safety as the drivers have a secure place to relax and decompress before heading out on their next trip. 

“Since we can track usage, we can tell if the program is truly making a difference. We get cars off the street, Uber gets good PR for reducing congestion, and the drivers have a clean safe place to wait for their next fare. It’s a Win, Win, Win.”

The drivers are able to park free of charge during the program’s active hours (4 PM on Friday through 4 AM on Monday) and avail themselves of free Wi-Fi and the garage’s restroom facilities. The city plans to extend hours during special holidays and events the same way it expanded hours for St. Patrick’s Day, from the holiday through the weekend.

“We are extremely pleased that three companies within an industry could come together and assist us in solving a problem that would have been impossible for a single company to approach,” Stanley said. “Although this is a pilot program, I expect to be able to expand it as it becomes necessary. I hope our success here can be reflected in other cities with similar issues.”

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