Parking Data Analytics Comes to “the Big Apple’


Parking Data Analytics Comes to “the Big Apple’

 Smarking Inc., the parking industry’s leading provider of data analytics software, and Citizens Parking’s Icon division, New York City’s largest operator of parking facilities, have announced an official partnership. Icon plans to harness the power of Smarking’s data analytics platform to deliver insight and operational analytics to its portfolio of more than 300 parking facilities in Manhattan’s most high-profile business districts.

Spun out of MIT in 2013, Smarking has developed a first-of-its-kind business intelligence platform designed to enable parking professionals to make business decisions 10 to 20 times faster than the industry standard. 
“Our partners are saving hundreds of hours throughout the year by automating the way they compile data,” CEO Wen Sang said. “Smarking is drastically reducing the laborious process of exporting Excel reports and cataloging emails to understand operations data. Parking executives and portfolio managers can now monitor and optimize their business processes with actionable real-time data from their laptops or mobile devices,” he said.
“Manhattan is one of the most energetic and fast-paced places in the world. Parking demand here mirrors the vibrancy of the city – always intense, but in new and exciting ways,” said Jerry Skillet, CEO of Citizens Parking. “We plan to leverage Smarking’s analytics platform to better understand the behavior of our customers and ensure that our services are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our client base.”
“Our primary goal here at Smarking,” said Diego Torres-Palma, its Director of Growth, “is to help our clients and partners stay ahead of the market and achieve long-term success by bringing data analytics technology into their organizations.” 
[Source: Smarking Inc., Citizens Parking]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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