Parking Options for The Super Bowl!


Parking Options for The Super Bowl!

The Big Game brings Big Crowds and the City of Minneapolis is doing everything it can to be fully prepared to easily accommodate everyone coming in for the Super Bowl. While most will likely fly or take the train, there is no question that the football event of the year will challenge Minneapolis with its biggest surge of vehicle traffic ever.

The City of Minneapolis has taken this very seriously and was well prepared for this major event. In preparation, the city worked with SKIDATA to coordinate an asset refreshment program comprised of software updates and hardware upgrades. This work was completed on 11 of their 15 garages starting as early as June of 2017.

Included in this thorough upgrade process is the latest Power Gate entry and exit columns with over 100 Barrier Gates outfitted with energy saving LED barrier arms. The city’s garages will be well lit with these colorful RGB barriers currently lit up in Vikings-orange & gold! Along with the entry and exit hardware Minneapolis has installed an additional 12 new Pay on Foots – 7 of which have full touch screen capabilities, and all have QR barcode readers.

The City of Minneapolis is ready to welcome the masses of football fans who choose to drive downtown and are looking forward to wowing them with their state of the art SKIDATA parking system. The upgrade and improvements continue beyond the ‘Big Game’ with further modernization to electronic ticketing and online reservation software sweb Wallet and sweb Reserve being next up on the projects list.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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