Parking Today Interview: Matt Adey, President at Platinum Parking


Parking Today Interview: Matt Adey, President at Platinum Parking

Matt Adey

President, Platinum Parking

What makes a leader?

A good leader is the head cheerleader – one who inspires others to want more and stays calm regardless of what is going on. Humility and self-awareness are key characteristics. Good leaders put their people first.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

While crucial to an organization’s success, a manager’s role is more situational. Managers deal with goals and tasks; employees work for a manager. However, many managers are also excellent leaders. True leaders take charge, are influential and set an example. Leaders inspire people to work and develop.

How do you motivate yourself to see things anew every day?

It’s about having a curious mind, which means that you are always looking for things that can be improved. I am blessed with a strong management team that allows me the time to work on the business and look down the road so that we can prepare for changes.

What are the biggest challenges you face today in 2022 as a leader?

One of the bigger challenges we are constantly working on is communication with our employees, and that happens both ways. We work at keeping them informed of what we are doing, constantly re-enforcing our core values and celebrating our successes. But, it also means listening to our employees, whether it is through our DEI initiatives or weekly meetings.

As a leader, it is having the confidence to know what needs to be done and staying the course despite the changes to the parking industry. It’s about having the knowledge, experience and relationships to know what is a flash in the pan and what will last.

Do the “C” titles make a difference and if so, how?

A title does not make a leader – there are dozens of books and articles on that. People can lead without a title and good leaders are in many different roles. However, it does open doors and is recognized outside the organization. A good leader with a C level title can significantly help an organization because of the doors it opens. 

From historical figures to people in the public eye, who would you want to be your leader/CEO and why?

While I have been fortunate to work with some amazing leaders, the person that comes to mind is the Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shakleton. His leadership style has been analyzed for a long time, but the story is of sheer perseverance and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and he was able to save all of his crew. To be a leader with that level of focus and drive in the face of life-threatening situations would be incredible.

As a leader, it is having the confidence to know what needs to be done and staying the course despite the changes to the parking industry.

What are the essential ingredients for a successful team?

For me, the essential ingredients focus on a common goal, a strong work ethic, collaboration, a sense of humor, humility and the ability to change direction when needed. Team members need to balance each other in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

What is your dream job?

Not to sound corny, but I am doing it. Every day is different, it is dynamic and interesting. I like what I do, I like the people I work with and we do things the way we want to do them.

How do you reinvent yourself daily to avoid being complacent?

It is needed for continual improvement, to not be satisfied with standing still. A mentor of mine suggested I fire myself and then ask myself what changes would my replacement make? It is a fresh way to look at your organization and examine some of your legacy decisions and re-evaluate. By nature, I am not happy if I am standing still, and my wife will attest to that!//

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