Pay and Display VS Pay by Space


Pay and Display VS Pay by Space

Editor, Parking Today:

Referencing the article “On-Street Parking: A Primer”. A good overview, but you omitted some important points;

1) Any comparison of Pay and Display with Pay by Space must include the painting and maintenance of space numbers, leaves, snow cover, etc.

2) “When a machine goes down, many spaces are affected” is stated in PbyS and P&D as a minus. I think it would be fair to say that sometimes this may not be an issue because the users can go to the meter across the street. With PbyS lots, most of the time a user can use any machine in the lot, even on different floors.

Thanks and regards,
Robert J Traynor
Project Manager/Support Specialist
Parkeon, Inc.
AN On Street Primer

An On Street Primer

Great article! It’s about time someone did an even, un-biased evaluation of the pay options for the On-Street parking customer. I would like to add, that after 22 years as a parking professional there are a couple of things you forgot to include in your “Primer” in regards to parking meters. First and possibly most important is the fact that everyone knows what a parking meter is for and how to use one. Even visitors from other countries are aware of and know how to use them. This can’t always be said of a “Pay and Display” or a “Pay by Space” machine. Also, if the customer is new to the area, they may not be aware of the machines or the need to pay for parking unless they happen to get a space close to a machine.

The other big thing is that the display is easier to read on the parking meter than it is on most of the Pay and Display or Pay by Space machines. Even with a shade over the display screens, some of them are nearly impossible to read at night or in bright sunlight. I agree with you that parking meters clutter the sidewalk, but if your enforcement, staff, and most important of all your customers are familiar and happy with the system in place, WHY CHANGE IT???

Thanks Again,
City of Long Beach (RET.)

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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