PIE Promises Parking Blowout: Chicago 2006


PIE Promises Parking Blowout: Chicago 2006

This year’s Parking Industry Exhibition – to be held Aug. 23-26 in Chicago – promises to provide networking, information, technology and discussions that will add considerably to your professional expertise. Parking can be complicated. Let PIE help sort it out.
Nearly 100 companies will bring leading-edge technology for you to peruse. With more than 13 hours of exhibit time over three days, you’ll have ample opportunity to meet and talk.
PIE has been called the “intimate” industry trade show. You aren’t overwhelmed with flash and dash, but you will have time to see knowledgeable people who can answer your questions in an atmosphere conducive to getting the facts.
Let’s face it: No one has all the answers, but many of us have the same issues and problems. What we try to do at PIE is connect people with questions with people with answers. We do it with seminars and presentations. We also do it by putting you together with people who are on the front lines just like you are.
With “speed networking,” you will have time to meet people who have solved problems you have and talk a bit – but mostly just to connect. Later, you can get into discussions with them. You will build your own personal network, and get the chance to develop a professional relationship.
We’ll keep this up until you have met and have the names of enough people to solve your problems for the next year. You can then catch up with them at PIE 2007.
And we’ll have our “issues boards.” When you register, you will get a group of cards. Put an issue on the card and tack it on the board. Check back later – your answer will be there, with someone to contact for the details. Or maybe you will have an answer for someone else.
PIE 2006 will be the place to network … and get solutions. Technical seminars, workshops, major presentations – PIE 2006 is the time and place to get it all.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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