PSX Announces Bonnie Sichau’s Retirement


PSX Announces Bonnie Sichau’s Retirement

After 21 years as the Branch Manager for PSX’s Cleveland office, PSX announces the retirement of Bonnie Sichau. That 21 years, however, was only a portion of her 50-year career in the parking industry.

While in today’s world, women in the parking industry have become more numerous, that was not the case when Bonnie first began her career in parking five decades ago. She truly has been a pioneer in opening up the industry to women.

Bonnie’s career in parking began in 1969 when she was hired by APCOA as an assistant to Don Fischer. She worked with many of the early pioneers in the parking industry including Ted Bonda, Howard Metzenbaum, and Bob Hill. 

While working with Don, she quickly learned the engineering that hides behind the intricacies of parking control equipment, which allowed her to become one of the first women in history to sell PARCS, working alongside Harvey Schwartz at PSA. 

Moreover, Bonnie earned the respect of her peers and developed relationships and friendships that have, and will, last a lifetime.  

Bonnie rose to the top of her male-dominated industry the old-fashioned way: by out-performing the field and never accepting merely “satisfactory” results as final. Her no-nonsense attitude and precision focus earned her a reputation for getting things done.

“Bonnie was an employer’s dream because she always put the company first,” said PSX Chairman and CEO Tony Hutchison.

Her dedication and commitment, as well as her ability to maintain and continually strengthen the relationships she forged with both industry peers and customers alike, may very well be what Bonnie was most known for and one of the greatest legacies she leaves behind.

“She was consistent in her dedication to the company and her customers, as well as the parking industry as a whole. She maintained the relationships with the people she knew in the industry, some that stretched back to the beginning of her career,” said Frank Diulus, PSX Regional Manager.

“While Bonnie’s retirement is something well deserved and earned, she will definitely be missed by all, and especially by me. Thanks again Bonnie!” said Paul Hutchinson, CEO, PSX.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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