Really Smart Parking: The Power of Intelligent PGS


Really Smart Parking: The Power of Intelligent PGS

We live in ever-evolving, dynamic and busy times. It is the companies that are most responsive to change that will flourish. It is the companies that embrace intelligence and innovative solutions that will become the leading force of the future. The concepts that were once only a theory have now turned to practical reality. Intelligent Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) are quickly becoming the heart and soul of green cities infrastructure, bringing tomorrow’s sustainable solutions and frustration-free, intuitive user experiences to public buildings, airports, hospitals, retail centers, corporate campuses, city guidance and more.

Smart-sensor systems for parking guidance keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across a parking facility. Our next-generation parking guidance includes leading-edge way-finding signage at every key decision point. Bright LEDs on the smart-sensors whisk parkers to open spaces. Touchscreen kiosks help find their vehicles upon return. It is the kind of convenience that builds a level of customer satisfaction and therefore leads to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth and increased market share for a brand, while significantly improving ROI.

This year, my presentation will be all about PGS and how these are more than just red and green lights. I will talk to you about our award-winning technology that in a disruptive way, created a win-win solution for businesses, their customers and the environment we live in. We will focus on the no-stress parking and the numbers to prove the effectiveness of it, backed up by most current public opinion polls and interesting case studies.

PGS sensors are smarter than ever before and can provide a multitude of functionality that was impossible just a year ago. These new functions may be invisible to the parking customers, because they quiet, discrete and efficient, but they are powerful. We’ve added security, tiered pricing, data insights and more. Stop by for an hour, and let me share with you the inspiring and exciting evolution that has brought us to the future of intelligent parking guidance technology during your PIE experience.

Vince Balsamo is the Director of Account Management in North America for Park Assist. He can be reached at

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