Scheidt & Bachmann Nears Completion of PARCS Installation at Nashville Airport


Scheidt & Bachmann Nears Completion of PARCS Installation at Nashville Airport

 Installation of a new parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) at Nashville International Airport is expected to be completed by the end of May 2016. The airport authority awarded transportation and parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachmann with the opportunity to provide the PARCS solution. Installation for the project began in December 2015.
The project consists of replacing the access and revenue control hardware and software for three public and employee parking facilities with a newly integrated system to improve efficiency within the parking facilities. The new PARC system will feature solutions to manage operations for the parking facilities. 
This includes equipping all lanes with license plate recognition; ultrasonic-level count system; 2D barcode scanners for all lanes; and new long-range readers for its frequent parking program. The airport also is using EMV credit card technology for payment at exits and pay-on-foot machines. The new system will be based on barcode technology.
“The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority project represents state-of-the-art parking innovation that will have a significant impact on improving the efficiency of airport operations,” said John MacDonald, President of Scheidt & Bachmann USA. “[We are] fortunate to be part of this project, and confident that our system supports our client’s initiative to enhance the parking experience for their customers.” 
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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