Screw the DOW, Let’s Flip This Thing Upside-down


Screw the DOW, Let’s Flip This Thing Upside-down

Only in America can a Disney announce massive closings and see their stock value increase by 10 percent. It pretty much defines our upside-down thinking and logic. It just makes no sense at all.

You know what else doesn’t make sense to me? The division of our nation. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you reside, whether you are a donkey or an elephant (you can’t potty train either of them and they don’t make pleasant houseguests), both sides switch positions daily purely with the motivation of causing suffering for the other party. 

Whether it’s border walls, stimulus money, emergency funding, or voting to go to war, changing your mind has nothing to do with personal beliefs or values anymore, it simply is motivated by getting in the way of the other party so that your own party can have the power. 

It is simply sickening. 

The DOW is seeing numbers from three years ago. It is not the end of the world. Our society measures our worth too much on finances and the economy. When I hear the song Cat’s in the Cradle, it makes me miserably sad. 

I envision a wealthy father clambering for money and fame climbing the corporate ladder, all the while, neglecting his fatherly duties despite the begging of his son. I absolutely hate that song. 

The son, fully knowing the pain of being forgotten, returns the act right back onto his father just as his father finally realized his failure and was making attempts to right his wrong. 

That song would be one of my favorites if the son said this instead… “You see, my new job’s a hassle, and the kids have the flu….so why don’t you jump on a plane and let’s do this together!” It doesn’t rhyme, but it’s a much better song that way. 

We are a hurting and lonely world. Our worth is on a ticker on the side of the divided news stations’ 24/7 broadcasts. 

I helped my boys put flyers out for their lawn business this past weekend. We put hang tags with a pricing estimate on doors throughout are area. This morning, Jonathan received a call that he hoped was in response to our efforts, a potential new client. What happened was amazing. 

An older widowed woman who, like Harry Chapin, had begged for time with her 55 year old son, but didn’t get any, spent 25 minutes on the phone talking to a perfect stranger, Jonathan, my 19-year-old college student about anything she wanted to talk about, except lawn care. It was amazing. 

This was a hurting and scared woman who called a number on a hang tag to talk. At his age, maybe Jonathan’s financial investments (his DOW numbers) aren’t high yet, but his HSM (Humanity Stock Market) averages are soaring!

This time of need is showing us some real human caring going on. People are using local neighborhood websites to offer services for elderly, helping strangers find toilet paper, bringing meals to people, etc. 

I am amazed at how, once we tear off the wealthy gold-plated wrapping paper that covers too many people, we find real human beings capable of amazing things. I hope the market returns strong and I hope ECO Parking Technologies sees amazing days ahead. 

When life returns to normal, I hope it returns to a New Normal. A time where our service to others is a priority over our service to ourselves. I look forward to a new Upside-Down World, where the First shall be Last and the Last shall be First!

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Jeff Pinyot
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