Short Parking Stories


Short Parking Stories

Frogparking Installs System in Laguna Beach, CA

Residents and visitors in the City of Laguna Beach, California can now experience the benefits of easier, faster, and smarter parking thanks to Frogparking’s smart-city parking platform.

Frogparking sensors have been installed in on-street and indoor parking spaces around the city’s downtown to monitor vehicle occupancy. A mobile app means a frictionless experience finding a parking space, with turn-by-turn navigation directly to an available parking space. 

“Say, for instance, after dinner you want to go to one of our [the city’s] really great coffee establishments here in town,” said Paula Faust, the city’s deputy director of public works. “You kind of panic a little bit because you can’t remember if you still have time left on the meter or if you’ve actually gone past your time. The app will send you a notification that you have 10 to 15 minutes left, so it’s time to wrap things up and get back to your car.”

“We are excited to be working with a proactive, future-focused, and forward-thinking city like the City of Laguna Beach. With Frogparking’s new smart city platform, people can now sign up to the app to find and pay for a parking space easier and faster than ever before,” says Frogparking’s CEO Shareena Sandbrook.

In addition to sensors in parking spaces, Frogparking also rolled out a mobile app so city parking users can see live availability, make a payment, and extend their parking, and features a “trolley tracker” that shows the user schedules and live arrival information of the free Laguna Beach parking trolleys. The app has been branded completely to the Laguna Beach Parking branding guidelines.

“Installing our technology is also proven to give cities increased access to valuable live and historic data and analytics,” continues Sandbrook. “This has given city planners a new level of insight into how local people are using the city and its existing infrastructure, allowing the city to make data-driven decisions about future projects.”


San Diego International Airport’s Parking Reservations 

Platform Marks Successful First Year

San Diego International Airport (SAN) recently marked its first year offering pre-booking to travelers parking in Terminal 2 Parking Plaza, with more than 68,000 travelers reserving parking before leaving for the airport. San Diego International Airport was the first airport in the United States to offer travelers Chauntry’s Parkspace v. 18.

“Being able to reserve parking has made flying from San Diego International Airport more convenient than ever, and local travelers have been quick to make pre-booking part of their regular travel routine,” said Theresa Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Chauntry. “To have nearly 70,000 pre-booking transactions in the first year reflects extraordinary success, and that number will continue to grow.”

The Chauntry reservations platform allows travelers to reserve and pay for a space in several of SAN’s parking lots. After pre-booking the traveler is issued a barcode, which can be printed or sent to a smart device for use when entering and exiting the garage. Frequent travelers are also able to create a user account which includes personal and payment information, to provide a quicker and more convenient pre-booking experience when traveling in the future. The user interface allows quick and seamless integration into the Chauntry platform, and parkers can use it on any device.


EnSight Technologies to Install Parking Guidance Technology 

at Long Beach, California’s 2nd & PCH Development

Parking will be a breeze at 2nd & PCH when the Long Beach retail complex opens this fall. EnSight Technologies announced today that their cutting-edge parking guidance technology has been selected to help patrons of the new outdoor shopping mall find available parking quickly and conveniently. 

EnSight Technology’s intelligent camera-based solution counts vehicles entering and exiting each level of each garage and transmits that occupancy information to signs located at garage entrances and the entrance of each parking level. Altogether, 31 strategically located dynamic LED Display signs will provide real-time information about how many parking spaces are available on each floor. The parking guidance technology will monitor all 1,100 parking spaces in the complex’s three garages.

“It’s essential for shoppers to be able to find parking quickly and conveniently when they visit any retail complex,” said Chris Scheppman, managing member of EnSight Technologies. “This parking guidance system will assure that 2nd & PCH can offer the most convenient parking of any retail complex in Southern California, and it will dramatically improve the shopping experience. It will help cement 2nd & PCH as the retail destination of choice for shoppers and diners throughout the area.”

The EnSight Technologies parking guidance system is part of a comprehensive turnkey parking technology platform that will also include 17 lanes of TIBA access and revenue control (PARCS) equipment and license plate recognition (LPR) technology. The parking technologies will be installed and supported by local systems integrator Access Professional System. 2nd & PCH is being developed by general contractor W.E. O’Neill and developer Center Cal Development. 

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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