Skidata Honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary


Skidata Honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary


During the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 trade show in April, Skidata AG made a surprise presentation to Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B), which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in the parking industry. 

Its Executive Board and Management Team presented S&B executives with celebratory cakes customized with the S+B logo, parking equipment and Skidata’s mascot hummingbird “sweb” wishing them all the best.  

“We have a very professional relationship with Scheidt & Bachmann,” said Chief Sales Officer Robert Weiskopf. “We challenge each other with the objective to improve our solutions. At the end, the customers are the winners.”

S&B Managing Director Martin Kammler said: [“We] were very appreciative of Skidata’s act of kindness in support of [our] 50th parking industry anniversary celebration during Intertraffic. As global players, both of our companies have mutual respect toward each other’s achievements, and we look forward to continuing to encourage each other to lead with better solutions for the industry.” 

Shown in the photo are, left to right: Alexander Vouk and James Toal of Skidata; S&B’s Norbert Miller; Hugo Rohner and Robert Weiskopf of Skidata; S&B’s Martin Kammler; and Willem-Jan Balk and Ralf Klomp of Skidata. 

[Source: Skidata AG]

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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