Smarking Welcomes Ross Shanken, Former CEO/Founder ofĀ ParkX!


Smarking Welcomes Ross Shanken, Former CEO/Founder ofĀ ParkX!

Smarking is pleased to announce that Ross Shanken has joined the company as Head of Strategic Accounts. As Head of Strategic Accounts, Ross will focus on accelerating the growth within Smarking’s largest markets. Most recently Ross was CEO and Founder of ParkX, a cloud-based smartphone parking payment solution, where he lead the company through product ideation, initial launch, commercialization, rapid revenue growth and eventually a successful exit. He’s now bringing his incredible demand side insight of the parking industry over to Smarking as they scale.

Ross, Any 2017 resolutions?

In 2017, I am looking to grow professionally and am excited to be surrounded by the brilliant people at Smarking. Non-professionally, I want to conquer more Ironman Triathlons and push my physical limitations.

Why Smarking?

The Smarking team is continuing to innovate to bring valuable tools to their clients throughout the nation. Their big data approach finally allows their clients to have real-time access to their information to make better decisions throughout their operation. I’m excited to impact the growth of Smarking and being surrounded by a great team of people that will enhance my skills professionally.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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