SpotHero Launches in LA to Ease Parking and Traffic Pains


SpotHero Launches in LA to Ease Parking and Traffic Pains

Parking reservation service SpotHero launched in mid-July in LA, “making parking easier and more affordable for Southern California drivers,” the company says. Also, the app “empowers drivers to find and reserve parking at more than 150 locations throughout LA, including high-traffic areas such as LAX and Downtown.”

Studies conducted at UCLA indicate that 30% of congested downtown traffic is due to drivers looking for parking. With SpotHero, “drivers can plan where they will park in advance and avoid idle searching and circling,” the company says. “Given that traffic delays and rising costs continue to be among the top concerns for Los Angeles [drivers], we hope SpotHero can make driving more enjoyable and affordable,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mark Lawrence.

The company partners with parking operators who give it access to their unsold spots. Drivers are then able to find and reserve parking with convenient garages, lots and valets through SpotHero’s iOS app, Android app or website.

“[The company] distinguishes itself from other parking offerings by providing access to the largest number of parking locations (70% more) and offering a superior customer experience that includes support seven days a week, intuitive design and integration with Apple Pay for a faster checkout process, Lawrence said.

[Source: SpotHero]

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