Staying Ahead by Giving Back


Staying Ahead by Giving Back

What does rappelling from a 40-story building, jumping in a pool of gelatin, and clay shoots have to do with parking? Everything if you do it to raise awareness for charitable organizations in your community and to share the success you have achieved in our unique industry.

One company, Cale America, is doing just that. Located in Clearwater Florida, which is part of the Greater Tampa Bay Area, Cale takes an active role in several charitable non-profit organizations that include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Children’s Cancer Center, and Ready for Life. All organizations are focused on improving the lives of youth and families in the community and in the past two years, Cale America has donated more than $500,000 to help support these organizations.

“The Bigs that mentor at risk youth learn about the situations the kids are in,” says Beach Pace, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, “They understand poverty and adversity at a more personal level and that increased empathy brings communities together. Instead of ‘us’ and ‘them’, it’s now ‘we’.”

Ken Beattie, Controller for Cale America also serves on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Cancer Center, “This organization [The Children’s Cancer Center] was one of the first organizations with which we became involved. When we heard their story and mission, we were hooked. Having a sick child is a heavy burden, and the mission to help families cope with the concerns of getting their children well with non-medical support touched our hearts. We have been immensely rewarded.” 

Ready for Life prepares young men and women in foster care transition into adulthood. These youth are “put out” of the foster care system on their 18th birthday, regardless of their state of readiness. Recently, Cale and RFL teamed up to present the Cale Driving Academy, a program aimed at helping Ready for Life teens safely learn to operate a motor vehicle and obtain their drivers licenses, a skill that will help them with ongoing education and employment. In addition, Cale currently employs several Ready for Life young adults as part of the job preparedness program. “It’s important to us that Cale leads by example, not only with financial contributions, but by providing opportunities for these young adults,” said Andreas Jansson, also a Ready for Life board member. 

Giving back to the community not only ties Cale to its local home, but provides a venue from which employees can serve together and generate stronger bonds and a stronger sense of team. In this way, perhaps circumstantially, Cale is able to stay ahead by giving back. 


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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