Take a leap into the future with Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems


Take a leap into the future with Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems

FrogparkingIn the parking & mobility industry, embracing innovation is key to staying ahead.


At Frogparking, we’re committed to revolutionizing the industry by offering cutting-edge solutions that prioritize efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.


This is why we invested our R&D spend of an entire year into finding a PARCS solution that has revolutionized the industry – the first time any company has done this within the last 30 years.


Be deliberate in choosing your barrier arm.

Mechanical failures, vehicle collisions, and inefficient operations are the biggest issues for parking professionals.


You must consider innovative new features, like an automatically resetting barrier arm or a solution with less mechanical hardware. This is what Frogparking excels at – we are literally the only provider globally who can offer this type of solution. We guarantee it will reduce technical failures as it has less ‘moving parts’ than other barrier arms on the market. This clearly results in less maintenance and operational downtime, resulting in staggering revenue optimization.


We recognize that liability is a concern for our customers. This is why the FrogGate is the most reliable barrier arm on the market as it is fitted with patented LiDAR technology. Frogparking guarantees that barrier arm will stop moving if there is a person or vehicle within the impact zone, hence reducing liability risk.


An install of a Frogparking PARCS saw a remarkable 30% increase in revenue in its first month. This data is compared with the client’s previous system, for the same month, in the previous year.  Our PARCS required no manual intervention (beyond assisting users) compared with the previous system that required a full-time attendant be posted at each gate.


Frogparking - Fresh. Innovative. Excellence.


Payment kiosks are critical to a positive experience.  

Technical issues, ongoing maintenance and payment versatility are the biggest issues for parking professionals.


Technical issues, integration problems and confusing user interfaces impact the overall customer experience. Seamless links between different technology is essential for efficient parking operations (and accurate revenue tracking). Frogparking continues to offer incredible integration capabilities that ensure the end-user maintains a great experience using the system.


Traditional payment kiosks require constant maintenance to get optimal performance. Frogparking considered this, and this is why we introduced the FrogKiosk. Digital processing is the only way to eliminate issues around cash collection, high maintenance, and high operational costs with tickets and receipts. We know it will reduce your ongoing operational costs because it shows in our data, and we can prove it. A recent install of our PARCS showed an astounding $50,000 reduction in ticket costs alone vs. the previous year.



Payment versatility is an imperative in this day-and-age. Frogparking offers the widest range of payment options on the market with our FrogKiosk, opposed to other providers who offer the cookie-cutter coins or credit card options. This is further enhanced by software that allows real-time pricing updates on FrogKiosk’s to allow for surge pricing strategies to boost revenue (even in remote locations as we run off a low-latency network).


Harnessing data is a precarious balance with ongoing data & privacy law changes.

LPR cameras are raising concerns about data privacy, surveillance, and data collection policies.


Data security & compliance with privacy regulations is not optional. At Frogparking, we not only understand the impending law changes, but we have also proactively accommodated these in our PARCS. We can guarantee the FrogLPR will future-proof you. Our system converts license plates to text at the unit, instantly, therefore only sending necessary meta data and deleting images locally. This means you can confidently advise drivers that their information is secure.


About Frogparking

Frogparking stands as a global leader in comprehensive parking management solutions, committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that redefine the future of parking management. With a focus on data analytics, accessibility, safety, and end-user experiences, Frogparking continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the parking industry. Frogparking are the only provider globally who can offer an end-to-end customized parking management experience.

Frogparking recently unveiled their innovative Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS) featuring significant world-first technologies. For more information, including case studies of their PARCS in use with the University of Southern California (USC) & the Irvine Spectrum Center.


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