The Customer Experience in Real Life with B & B


The Customer Experience in Real Life with B & B

With the rise of automation, the gap between our ability to adapt to new and changing technologies is ever increasing. Which is why, now more than ever, humans not only desire, but require, personal contact in balance with automated technology. 

Furthermore, in an era of high expectations and high competition, creative approaches can help your parking organization leverage the best of technology and outsourced solutions to better serve your parkers. Like any business, parking facility managers face competition to attract and retain customers. 

The “customer experience” is a crucial component to any parking organization’s success.

Thus, the “customer experience” is a crucial component to any parking organization’s success. As parking creates the first and last experience for most everyone on a campus, in a city, at an airport or in a hospital, the parking professional must work to provide a level of service that gratifies the customer on a daily basis.

In this session, Brandy and Brian will discuss why it so important that parking facility managers look at the big picture of how their services measure up with outside influences. Then they will delve deeper into how this fits within the parking landscape, from a municipal parking perspective.

They’ll explore the concepts of differentiation, customer experience (CX), mirroring and authentic concern. They will also discuss how the following trends are shaping the future of parking:

1- Gen Z makes up 40 percent of the population and is the largest generation on the planet

2- Automation and the use of technology to replace humans is sweeping the world

3- Social media platforms are ubiquitous, allowing consumers to share opinions and experiences

Finally, they will outline low cost, impactful solutions for incorporating the human touch, outsourcing when necessary, implementing aesthetic changes and monitoring online reviews/ratings.

Parking is the first and last impression for any guest, so it makes all the difference. A fast-growing, competitive market, coupled with a baseline, expectation of service, means that now more than ever parking facility managers should scrutinize their overall guest experience and consider incorporating the human touch back into their operations in order to better differentiate.

Join Brandy Stanley and Brian Wolff as they solve The Customer Experience on Tuesday March 24 at 3PM at PIE 2020.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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