The High Cost of Low Bid: Find the Best Value Every Time!


The High Cost of Low Bid: Find the Best Value Every Time!

This presentation at PIE 2023 will bring the audience into the production, providing them the tools to recognize the true value proposition from each bidder as they move through the Request for Proposal (RFP). 

After a brief setting of the table, we will review how to determine the true scope of work, select principal deliverables, and uncover the pitfalls of focusing too closely on the perceived cost or cost savings, and unlocking the actual costs of each KPI to understand the value and final expenses for each product or service. 

Regardless of equipment, supplies, management agreement, lease arrangement, capital expenditure, or lease-to-own, identify the true motivators to meet or exceed your expectation, your client or owner’s needs, and ultimately deliver the very best option in this commodity-driven, race-to-the-bottom fee while shielding or hiding many costs, add-ons, and ultimately higher prices. 

We will explore the key performance indicators (KPI) that matter for the proper selection of a parking operator (or to be an in-house operation), the technology of choice, the features and benefits needed, the method of operation, level of technology, as well as how best to future-proof your parking operation. 

The audience will be asked to provide the building blocks for this interactive session. The audience will be asked a series of questions with two options. The answers selected will lead them to a series of decisions that will determine the process’s goals. Examples would be more important for your parking operation; most improved revenue or highest customer service. Which method of operation do you prefer, gated or ungated, which level of control, management agreement, or lease location. Base flat management fee, incentive management fee, or both?

We will also talk about all of the categories that require scrutiny to address your already made decisions. Examples of these categories and questions include: How many hours per month do we want the manager, bookkeeper, maintenance/porter, and greeter or ambassadors on the payroll? How important is it to you to provide health care, benefits, vacation, educational assistance, or other benefits? What rate do you need to pay to provide the very best staff as your front-facing representatives?

What levels of insurance do you need, can the operator be self-insured, what deductible and level of risk are you comfortable with? Let’s review the operator options, their current market presence. Are they your competitor? Who controls the parking rates, and what programs are offered to retain or add tenants, not just monthly parkers? 

Technology options, not just what is new, but what performs well in your city, your province, meets or exceeds Federal and Province rules, record keeping, tariff tracking, and provides the operational flexibility that you need and your tenants, clients, prospective tenants, and visitors will embrace.

Pricing, demand pricing, fixed, early bird, monthly, flex parking, resident and non-resident, tenant, and non-tenant, open or reserved. Learn what your operator’s plans are for each group. What are the planned tenant amenities, their costs, and who will bear them?

The session will provide opportunities for each audience member to ask questions, share concerns, and receive FREE resources to use as they travel the path for putting their location parking management out to bid, or select new equipment, research other methods of operations, programs available and resources from the Canadian Parking Association and other resources. 

Attendees will leave with a solid foundation to meet or exceed their needs in each category mentioned. 

Parking is the First and Last Impression for virtually everyone entering your building. 

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John Oglesby, The Parking Whisperer
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