The PT Team Speaks Out


The PT Team Speaks Out

Robyn Van Horn

Director of Marketing
and Operations

While I have only officially worked at Parking Today for just over five years, as John Van Horn’s wife, I have been intimately involved in the company since before the first issue was published in April 1996. That magazine, and many more, were published in our back bedroom. We were one of the first virtual companies: everyone worked from a home office and we relied on dial-up internet for connectivity. You can image those challenges! As the company’s endeavors grew, it became clear that despite the technological improvements that helped us with our virtual office, something was missing – the water cooler effect – the sharing of ideas. In 2010, the company moved into its first physical office and in the past 10 -12 years the company has grown its brand to Parking Today Media, which includes, the growth of PIE from a small table-top tradeshow to a full-blown exhibition. I’m proud of John and his determination to make Parking Today a success for 25 years, and the team that has helped him reach
that success. 

Kelley Havener
Operations Manager

I have been working at Parking Today Media since 2009. Originally, I was brought in to give sales assistance but shortly after moved into an operations position. I have been fortunate to have the flexibility to raise my young family and, at the same time, grow in a positive work environment. As with previous small companies that I have worked for, I have enjoyed the challenge of wearing multiple hats, stepping outside of my comfort-zone and expanding my professional skill set. The support and trust that I have received from JVH and the PTM Team has allowed me to take on new and challenging projects from start to finish. A new project is always around the corner and that is what makes me tick!

Congratulations to JVH and the Parking Today Media Team on 25 Years!! 

Marcy Sparrow

Director of PIE and Operations

I started at Parking Today in ad sales in 2006 when it was the ten-year anniversary. I didn’t know much about parking, but I knew I came to the right place to learn. 

Fifteen years later, I am still growing and learning from John’s years of experience. I wear many different hats than I did in 2006, but the concept is still the same. The content of the magazine, the PIE show and the websites is what drives all our jobs.

The last year has been most challenging for all of us. But I learned is our truest strengths appear at our lowest times. When a team can pull together through 2020 – we can conquer anything. 

To our readers, advertisers, and exhibitors; thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Thank you, John, for creating this company. I appreciate you giving me a front row seat to your vision. Happy 25th!!

Jordan Weiner

Publishing & Events

Being one of the newbies here at Parking Today and having to replace a much-loved member of the PT family, along with not knowing a lot about the industry, I knew I had some pretty big shoes to fill. I was welcomed immediately and thus began my learning about all things parking, from the magazine, the PIE show, and the industry, I soon saw how respected the magazine is. It is no wonder and no surprise that Parking Today is celebrating 25 years in the parking industry. They are a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate group of people working together in getting a great product out there, that highlights and informs a huge industry and all its moving parts. At the heart of all that is the boss, who loves what he does and loves the industry and the people that make up Parking Today. Happy 25th Anniversary and congratulations to everyone at PT.

Astrid Ambroziak 

Creative Director Parking Today

The remembering that fuels
the future: 

How many of us in 2021 know anything about the Battle of Somme? Do we ever think about 3 million men who fought in this battle and 1 million men who were wounded or killed? What is their legacy? 

History and its lessons are the pointers of my presence and my future. They demand respect! Working for a man who created his company for 25 years and thus, serves and nurtures the industry, is the greatest privilege that comes with myriad responsibilities. 

It is a constant self-inquiry. As in honoring this 25-year-old history, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is an invitation to learning and the bridge between the experience and the beginner’s mind ideas. 

It is a blessing to be able to walk a path that was paved by JVH and helping to expand this path, to a highway of news, information and engagement. For all the companies and individuals, that Parking Today Media has been determined for 25 years to serve. Thus, it is the striving to always do better in the honor of the foundation that JVH has so steadfastly built. 

Melissa Bean Sterzick

Copy Editor

What I’ve always loved about working for Parking Today is that our team is successful while being almost totally virtual. Some of us live in California, others in Arizona, and so on. I started with Parking Today 15 years ago. I had a two-year-old daughter I didn’t want to send to daycare. I had a second daughter later and being part of the PT team has meant I can work as a professional doing something I’m good at and still be available to my kids. John Van Horn was way ahead of his time setting up a remote staff that could do the same work as an in-house team. Everybody at PT works hard, solves problems, shares ideas, and supports the others. I value my work, I value my colleagues, and have deep respect for the parking industry as a whole. Talk about flying under the radar – what other industry does so much for so many so constantly and with so little notice? It’s astounding. I’m glad to be part of it and so glad to be a part of Parking Today.

Shelly Brown

Art Director

It’s nice to have the opportunity to reach out to our readers from the Art Department. Parking Today is a remarkable company to be a part of. Our team of talented people complement each other’s skills and are creative and conscientious. It’s very rewarding to work with a staff where everyone works together to produce a quality publication. As the Art Director, I strive to adhere to the standards that allow our advertisers to get the best quality in their ads.

I’ve been working with John for many years. His knowledge of every aspect of the industry, his genuine interest in people, and his ability to make decisions that keep our company relevant in these difficult times, are very admirable. I hope to be a part of Parking Today for years to come.

Brian Bullen

National Sales Manager

I picked an interesting time to start my journey with Parking Today. Little did I know that right after I started, I would end up working from home. My background was in media, working for large newspapers and websites. But JVH and Marcy gave me a crash course in Parking 101. Now, when I go out with my family, I can explain the different parking technologies and the companies that make them! 

One thing I learned is that the parking industry is very tight knit. Everybody seems to know each other. And many of the clients I work with have been very supportive and helpful in my learning curve. I want to thank them. It means a lot. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person at the PIE Conference in TX! I have a year’s worth of schmoozing to catch up on! See you there!

Congratulations Parking Today Media and John Van Horn

Sue Restivo


It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years since the dinosaur first appeared on the cover of the first issue of Parking Today Magazine. 

We have a great team here at Parking Today and as one of the original employees, it has my pleasure to watch and participate in the growth of Parking Today Media. From just a magazine to a plethora of parking insights and information.

Between the Parking Industry Expo and John Van Horn, you can find out anything and everything there is to know about the parking world. 


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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