The Rest of the Story


The Rest of the Story

Jeff Pinyot
CEO, Eco Parking Technologies

It’s hard to write an article about yourself when you know that you are an ordinary individual who just happens to be equipped with an unusual amount of passion and adrenaline. Many would have given up on their dream when similar obstacles were set before them. I’m just too headstrong to ever give up and when you “Know in your Knower” that you’ve got something and something good, you just get it done. This piece is about to reveal “The Rest of the Story.” 

When you “Know in your Knower” that you’ve got something and something good, you just get it done.

As Paul Harvey, the famous American Broadcaster so often revealed the surprising normal truth from an extraordinary event, so it is with ECO Parking Technologies (ECO). While yours truly gets the opportunity to put a face to the company name through marketing events, there are plenty of others who need to be recognized as well. I’d like to introduce you to rest of the ECO C-Suite.

We consider ourselves artists here at ECO. Your parking structure is our canvas.

In 2007, our COO Dave Packard and I started ECO Parking Lights (our former name) with a heavy focus on energy savings and responsible environmental strategies. Dave is a graduate engineer from The Ohio State University. Despite graduating from such an unknown and obscure university, somehow this guy got really smart. 

Dave and his wife Monica have two beautiful daughters, driven for success like dad. Dave loves details and I hate them. We make a good pair. He should win an award for managing supply chain issues through the Covid period and those days aren’t even close to being over. Dave is a quiet leader who you can count on. During Covid, as if it weren’t difficult enough, Dave headed up the development of our new ECO Edge LED fixture, the architectural look everyone has been asking for. 

William Longardner, our CTO, and I have a long history together because his father, RL, an extraordinary man, was a friend and mentor through the years of my previous employ. William was President of a very successful Developer/GC and just because he is that talented, he also flew the company’s Cessna Citation jet. William’s capacity for the obscure and the technical made his assignment as CTO and principal architect of the Falcon Vision a no brainer. William and his wife, Gail, have two delightful children. I was privileged to coach his son while he played high school lacrosse. His daughter was such a great encouragement to my daughter when they played lacrosse together. 

Like Dave, William also had an assignment over Covid, to improve the look of the Falcon Vision, make it the most accurate camera-based system in the industry (over 99 percent), and don’t forget to future proof it, as well. Done!

Andy Teed, our CEO and principal investor was a breath of fresh air to the company when he chose to invest in the business and join us on a day-to-day basis. Initially, Andy was just reaching out to a few firms that fit his interest with the intent of making an investment in a few years. Under two weeks after we connected, it was all but done, a new relationship and new direction for ECO that included a new name as well….and that famous huge ECO Parking Technologies sign lit up along our busiest highway in Indianapolis. 

Andy has a love for growing companies and providing calm and calculated leadership. A bourbon connoisseur, whatever Andy does include calculations. His favorite day is creating spreadsheets. My favorite day is NOT creating spreadsheets (or even reading them). Andy and his wife Carmen have four delightful children who are hard working and determined like their father. 

And there’s me, Jeff Pinyot, the President and CSO. All I can say is I love what I do. We consider ourselves artists here at ECO. Your parking structure is our canvas. 

I’d love to give a shout out to our young and talented support in the office from those writing code to building product to managing our customer support. They all make ECO a force to be reckoned with. Thank you, team! 

Jeff Pinyot is the CEO of Eco Parking Technologies

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