The UK’s International Parking Community Partners With People’s Parking Accreditation


The UK’s International Parking Community Partners With People’s Parking Accreditation

The UK’s International Parking Community (IPC) is taking decisive and far-reaching steps to ensure that the safety and priorities of consumers are at the heart of new initiatives to improve standards within the parking industry. The progressive trade association has now formalized its partnership with the People’s Parking accreditation for carparks. As a result of this significant move, the accreditation program is now being adopted as an IPC standard, and the program’s founder, Helen Dolphin, will be representing the evolving interests of consumers for the IPC Steering Committee.

“Helen’s painstaking and inspirational efforts to create and implement a versatile and effective accreditation [program] for carparks has received universal praise and admiration from consumer groups, service providers and the motoring public right across the country,” said IPC Chief Operating Officer Charles Clowes.

“We’re delighted that Helen and her colleagues will now be working alongside us as we look to put the interests of consumers at the heart of service standards within the industry. Moreover, we will be confirming a number of ground-breaking initiatives in the coming months as we take steps to capitalize on this exciting new partnership.”

People’s Parking accreditation offers all users of UK carparks with unprecedented reassurance and convenience, and provides a major step-change for improving the parking experience for motorists. With distinctive and intuitive “badge” signage, it demonstrates clearly and effectively the safety, ease-of-access and on-site facilities for any driver with a specific requirement.

To secure accreditation, carpark operators must demonstrate that their parking facilities comply with all set parking standards. These include having clear signage and good pedestrian access, and providing a clean, bright and safe environment for users.

Significantly, People’s Parking accreditation is designed not only to provide real support for motorists with a disability and parents with children, it also promotes charging points for electric vehicles, cycle parking, accessibility to shopping centers and transport hubs, and highlights pre-booking and payment options.

With congestion and demand for parking spaces at popular venues and locations continuing to increase, decisive actions are needed to ensure that motorists, their passengers and cyclists can easily identify the right carpark for their needs.

“An independent program that awards accreditations only if key criteria have been met raises standards within the industry,” Dolphin said, “and makes the life of carpark users much easier.”

Ron Dyson, a Tech Writer with Aurora Communications, can be reached at PT Contributor Helen Dolphin, MBE, an Independent Mobility Consultant in the UK, is Director of the People’s Parking program there. Contact her at

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