The Veterans in Parking Issue


The Veterans in Parking Issue

When John Van Horn approached me to serve as Guest Editor for this November issue of Parking Today – the Veterans in Parking Issue – I was naturally humbled and honored. The coincidence of the timing was not lost upon me, either. It was 30 years ago to the month in November of 1989 when I boarded a bus to attend Basic Training; and it was only one year later in November of 1990 when I boarded the USS Tarawa to head to war in the Persian Gulf. 

Beyond that, November is a special month for all veterans across the United States because of Veterans Day, and most of us pay respects to the brave women and men who have served their nation. And it is of further significance to my brothers and sisters in the Marine Corps with our beloved birthday on November 10th. 

Today, I ask you to join me and the rest of the Veterans in Parking organization in yet another important November: that being the Veterans in Parking organization’s first magazine cover and dedicated publication – thanks to Parking Today. 

The articles we have procured for you in this very special edition of Parking Today include veteran inspired stories, stories of how veterans found their way to parking, how those experiences led them to where they are today, and how those experiences are benefiting the parking, transportation and mobility sectors right now. 

We even found some military processes, procedures and strategies that many of you can take back to your workplace to perhaps help your enterprise be a little more successful. 

We wish to acknowledge veterans of all backgrounds and nations around the world, as patriotism isn’t unique to only our country. All who sacrifice their time, abilities, health, and even sometimes their lives, in support of their respective countries should be acknowledged. You will find several articles herein that discuss veterans’ experiences as they relate to some of our allies around the world, and we hope you find them insightful
and uplifting. 

So, as you turn the following pages, perhaps take a few extra moments to appreciate the dedication of the veterans-related messages assembled for you here, and in this special month of November 2019, honor every veteran you can. Recognition of those who have chosen to serve in their life should extend to first responders, policemen, firemen, EMTs, and all manner of personnel that run towards their fellow citizens in need. 

Special thanks to my fellow ViP Board Members for their tireless devotion to veterans’ causes, and to the entire Parking Today Media Group for their support represented by this issue of Parking Today and beyond!

Semper Fi!

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Todd Tucker
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