These fIVE companies were selected as having the Best overall presentation in their booths in the ex


These fIVE companies were selected as having the Best overall presentation in their booths in the ex

Park Assist


PIE (Parking Industry Exhibition) held its annual meeting March 5-8th at the Hyatt Regency, near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Over a 100 companies exhibited their products and services. PIE offered a great opportunity for diverse parking professionals to network and learn about trends and innovations in parking. While exhibiting companies represented all facets of parking, the major theme was on advancements in technology for each market segment. PIE offered the best speakers, seminars, and presentations that discussed the hottest topics in the parking industry. This event offered attendees a chance to see the latest and greatest parking products and services, focusing on Municipalities, University and Hospital Campus Parking, Shopping and Business Development, and Parking Commercial Operations. Our own Vince Balsamo, Director of Account Management, North America, was a featured speaker on camera-based parking guidance technology.

We are extremely proud to announce that Park Assist’s booth won PIE’s Best in Show Award! Our booth was eye catching, bright and very welcoming. The booth’s design displayed the core values of Park Assist and our products. The booth featured our technology and showed visitors how our proprietary approach can create new revenue opportunities, operate more efficient garages and elevate the parking customer’s experience. Always innovating, Park Assist is transforming parking guidance technology worldwide.

Hub Parking Technology


The advancement of technology in the parking industry has revolutionized, in many ways, how PARCS manufacturers, parking facility owners and operators now approach their business. Just returning from the PIE Show 2017, it was very evident from the variety of breakout sessions presented that the industry is undergoing a quick metamorphosis.

HUB Parking Technology is constantly innovating to provide parking solutions that suit the evolving needs of all market segments, large and small: Municipal, Transit Authority, Airport, Medical, University, Mixed-Use, Hotel, Event/Entertainment and Retail Centers. From seamless integrations with third party solutions, to LPR technology, web and mobile validations, digital ticketing, cutting-edge software and BI solutions, HUB remains current with the latest technological trends in parking to meet our clients’ current operational requirements and anticipate their future needs.

HUB demonstrated Janus Management System (JMS) at PIE this year showing how simple and versatile the HUB software solution is. Web-based, secure and cloud-ready, JMS allows customers to manage multiple parking facilities with different types of HUB equipment using the same intuitive interface.

HUB Parking also demonstrated how navigating the urban jungle is easier with JunglePass, HUB’s mobile solution which expands your customers’ seamless parking experience by helping them find the closest parking garage, direct them there, enter quickly and smoothly with a digital ticket, store their e-tickets and bookings, and securely pay for their parking simply by using a smartphone. JunglePass turns parking into a stress-free experience for the end-user and provides precious insights for the operators. In fact, parking operators can now track their transient customers’ behavior, plan long-term business strategies to maximize potential profit from every ticket, and engage and reach their clients through mobile technology that is synched with personalization opportunities (send discounts, promotions, etc. to customers).

HUB Parking Technology solutions and innovations will help owners and operators gain valuable insight into customers’ usage patterns, provide full control of your system, seamless integration and revenue optimization.



From everyone at Louvers International, it was an absolute pleasure to be an exhibitor at PIE 2017, and an amazing honor to be selected as Best (small booth) in Show. We’re especially excited for several reasons, the most striking being that it was our first PIE show. Our facility is only 15 minutes from the exhibition, so it was truly in our own backyard. And to top it off, there were so many fantastic booths and great companies exhibiting. We extend our most sincere thanks to the good folks at Parking Today for their recognition. We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by for a few hands of blackjack at our custom-made LED-powered table!

While we’re newcomers to the parking show circuit, we’re very experienced when it comes to providing lighting for parking facilities (among many other applications). Lighting is our passion and we’ve been growing for 30 years to better serve our customers, constantly adding new products and upgrading our lineup.

If you’re unfamiliar with our company, here’s what you should know. We’re small but not tiny. That means that your order – big or small – means a lot to us. We’re agile enough to move quickly, adapt to the market, and pay close attention to customer satisfaction.
We’re people people, ok people? When you call, humans answer the phone. When you email after hours, we respond. When you make a mistake, we help you fix it. When we make a mistake (to err is human), we apologize and make it right. When you don’t feel like finding what you need on our brand new website, PEOPLE are here to answer your questions.
We have a lot of customers – thousands to be more accurate. So there are many folks out there who can testify to how easy it is to do business with us. But the best testimony comes in the form of repeat business, something that we treasure greatly!

Next time you’re working on a project that requires lighting, put some thought into it. Better yet, let us put some thought into it. You’ve got plenty else to think about. We’re the pros who can get the job done! We look forward to meeting you at the next event. Please be sure to come say hi!


ParkingSoft, LLC is a leading innovator and manufacturer of cloud software, automated hardware, and IT and Support solutions in the parking technology industry, servicing North America from its headquarters in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. We deliver a full range of innovative parking solutions and services that integrate secure, current technologies with a focus on usability for both facility operators and parkers. With a unique focus on end-user (parker) satisfaction, ParkingSoft is developing and delivering web-based, real-time systems that reduce maintenance and operating expenses while enhancing revenue for our customers.

We at ParkingSoft see ourselves primarily as a software solutions company. We were the first company in the parking industry to offer cloud computing solutions. Our cloud services allow our customers to manage their facilities and their parkers from any browser, anywhere in the world. ParkingSoft’s devices are manufactured in the U.S. and meet the highest quality standards and our hardware works seamlessly with our robust, cloud-hosted applications. Our reputation is built on technology – we use the latest innovations to build some of the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly parking management software solutions in the industry.

ParkingSoft has been making the news lately – from our recent acquisition of SEMtech Systems, to our PCI compliance expertise, to being honored with the 2017 Pacesetter’s Award by the prestigious Atlanta Business Chronicle – we are pleased to be at the forefront of progress and growth, set the standard for security, and represent the parking industry well in whatever we do.

Our mission is simple – to deliver innovative, profit-enhancing technology and service solutions to the parking industry and its customers. We are continuously innovating to improve these technologies and set the bar for our industry. We would like to thank Parking Today for recognizing ParkingSoft for Best in Show at PIE 2017 and we look forward to another great year of parking innovation


Kevin Dougherty, CEO (l), JVH, Conchita Heffron, Co-founder, Colin Heffron, Operations Manager,  Scott Monroe, Business Development Manager

Barnacle Parking Enforcement celebrated its first birthday at this year’s PIE in Chicago and one of the best presents it received was winning “Best in Show”.

The team was excited to hit the floor this year with a production model, and to unveil its newest innovation: a web app that will allow parking enforcement officials to easily track and deploy Barnacle devices, further streamlining operations for officials. The web app is available for parking enforcement officials who will be using the devices. It will enable officials to track deployed Barnacles and receive updates about their status, process payments and run reports on fines collected. The app also includes a worldwide map to track all deployed devices.

Barnacle Parking Enforcement unveiled the Barnacle in 2016 at PIE, pioneering parking enforcement technology that seeks to replace the boot with a safer, easier-to-use, greener alternative. This bright yellow, 14.5-pound piece of plastic sticks to a windshield using suction cups with 750 pounds of force. Instead of using a boot to keep a wheel from moving, officers and parking enforcement officials can immobilize a vehicle by slapping a Barnacle across its windshield and arming it with a keypad. Drivers can just as easily disarm the Barnacle with their phone once they’ve dialed a toll-free number and paid their fine.

During the past year, Barnacle Parking Enforcement rolled out pilot programs to test the product throughout the United States, and it has used the learnings from these pilots to fine-tune the technology. Later this month, the first run of Barnacle orders will ship to select cities in the U.S and around the world.

Since its debut at PIE, the device has generated international demand from cities that want to put it to use and interest from media outlets such as the “Today” show, the Daily Mail, Wired, the New York Post and Los Angeles Times.

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