Top 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Good Talent


Top 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Good Talent

Competition is fierce in the parking industry, and it really takes a toll on our applicant pool. And by “competition,” I don’t mean one another!

We’re talking about the drivers of those vehicles you order to pick you up curbside and take you to your next destination.

Not only are fewer people driving themselves to their destinations, but the hourly rates for jobs with these competitors are tremendously higher, and the convenience of making their own schedules is ideal for many people seeking part-time work.

So, how can we attract the talent we want to keep in the parking industry? Let’s look at 10 ways to attract and retain good talent.

1- Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever thought about what the applicant is doing while seeking a new position? Look online as a job-seeker, instead of as an employer. What does your company look like from a job-seeker’s perspective? Don’t forget that these applicants have options in the job market. Try to find out what is motivating the people you’re hiring so you can continue to offer what people need and want.

2- Job advertising content. You can’t compete with hourly rates posted on positions that are much higher than yours, but you can think about what is in your job descriptions and how you are advertising them. When you look at a resume and it has little to no content under job titles, employers tend to move right along to the next resume that looks the part. Guess what? This is exactly what job-seekers are doing to your job descriptions.

3- Training. What type of training does your company offer? New employees often get hired into a role and then are left to fend for themselves. Training is not just part of retention! It’s also a big part of attracting good people to your company. What makes your company stand out? Offering training tools to help someone further his or her career and learn new things is an excellent selling and retaining point. It not only helps them, but also the company, when someone is able to learn and apply new skills.

4- Incentives. In addition to what someone gets paid in salary or hourly rate, what are some incentives that you have for your front-line employees to keep them satisfied and engaged? What is your incentive program for referrals? Good people tend to know other good people. For example, if you have only a few claims in a month or a quarter, how do you thank your people for that success? Parking is never the same every day — what incentivizes you to stay, and how can you translate that into incentives or recognition for others?

5- Culture. The company culture has a lot to do with retaining employees at all levels. Is it represented on the curb? Does everyone feel as if they are contributing to the company’s overall success? This is an important part of attracting and retaining people.

6- Recognition. Whether you receive recognition from a manager, co-worker, HR or corporate, it feels good to be recognized for the hard work you put in every day. What have you done today to recognize someone else? Recognition for even the smallest task can make a big difference. Try monthly or quarterly newsletters highlighting people who are doing a good job or gift cards (even small amounts) to show your appreciation. There are so many different ways we can recognize our employees – just looking someone in the eye and saying thank you can go a long, long way.

7- Employer brand. How active is your company on social media? How user-friendly is the careers page on your website? How attractive does your company look to outsiders scrolling through your social media pages and websites? If you have an amazing company, make sure everyone knows why!

8- Application process. How long does your application process take? Can you eliminate questions that you ask during a phone screen? Can applicants apply on their mobile phones? These are important questions to consider when you feel as if you have posted everywhere possible, but you still aren’t seeing enough applicants. Going back to No. 1 above, put yourself in their shoes. Everyone has heard about “millennials” — they aren’t going to complete lengthy applications for a $12-$15/hour job.

You don’t want to lose someone you’ve worked hard to hire because your onboarding isn’t seamless!

9- Interview process. Is it too long? Make sure that you have an organized process during this stage of moving an applicant to a hire. Communication with the hiring manager is crucial, not only for quick turnaround on a resume or application, but also to be aligned with what they are looking for to fill the position. The last thing you want to do is send someone through that process who is not what the manager wanted, and you waste both the applicant’s and the manager’s time.

10- ‘Onboarding’ process. How long does it take from the time someone is offered the position to the time they are starting the position? Sometimes, this process can’t be shortened, but a lot of the time we are our own worst enemies with the time it takes to get someone onboard. Having close contact with the new employee and understanding the best way to communicate with him or her will keep them in the loop.

Make sure the manager is fully prepared and aware of the day and time this person is expected to start. The most crucial time is within the first two weeks; we sometimes forget how important it is to keep the employee engaged throughout the training process. You don’t want to lose someone you’ve worked hard to hire because your onboarding isn’t seamless!

Ultimately, we are all working toward the same goal: to attract and retain good talent. The better we all do with the factors above, the more likely the parking industry will continue to thrive.

Marissa Souza, a Talent Acquisition Manager at LAZ Parking, works with both internal and external candidates to find them their next career. Contact her at


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