Valet Association Lists Standards for Industry


Valet Association Lists Standards for Industry

When looking for a definition for valet parking, you get “parking arrangements provided by an establishment, whereby patrons leave their cars at the entrance while attendants park and retrieve them.”
But is that what valet parking is all about?
I would argue that valets are not just attendants who park cars, but individuals, when successful at their job, who create a warm, welcoming environment on the way in and a problem-free goodbye on the way out. With a sincere greeting, the opening of a door and a simple smile, a valet parking attendant can make any guest feel special.
In essence, valet is more than just parking cars. It is guest service at the highest level that the industry has to offer. The National Valet Parking Association (NVPA) was formed to make it even better. Our goal is to raise and maintain a quality of service that can make all who provide valet parking proud.
It all started several years ago with a small group of visionaries who were owners of businesses that have been paramount in the industry for decades. This innovative group formed an association to set the standards for valet parking.
As NVPA’s executive director, I would like to share my excitement about how this association has influenced my outlook on business professionals. NVPA has grown to include members throughout the United States and continues to grow due to the standards it has implemented and the benefits it provides.
While with the association in this capacity, I have noticed that the dedication each member company has in working together to raise the bar in the industry does not cross any competitive boundaries or affect each company’s bottom line of making their businesses more valuable.
Imagine the future of your business and seeing yourself surrounded by the latest information, technology and marketing that NVPA offers. You can share challenges, ideas and solutions with colleagues and peers. You can get help with your most difficult and frustrating business situations and have access to impressive parking solutions just by networking with the members of the association.
Members consider themselves part of a lobbying group having state and national standing; creating reduced insurance premiums for liability or worker’s compensation; and forming industry benchmarking statistics.
They share in the wisdom of industry leaders by attending annual conferences, which include educational sessions and discussion forums, as well as the opportunity to meet with vendors and suppliers having the latest advances geared toward valet parking.

Our benefits include:
• Annual conference of valet
• Published national directory of members
• Industry standards for safety and operations
• Industry public relations and lobbying
• Confidential client and industry surveys
• Idea exchange and training
• Leads and deal networking
• Centralized PR services
• Industry benchmark statistics

I am inspired by how businesses that would normally be competing can reap the rewards of knowledge and experience from one another. NVPA offers so much that can benefit you.
Our next annual conference is Nov. 7-9 in Las Vegas. We look forward to having you there.
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Peneli Tims is Executive Director of the National Valet Parking Association.

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