We are Parking, Hear us Roar! A Pie 2022 Seminar


We are Parking, Hear us Roar! A Pie 2022 Seminar

Just when the pundits had us relegated to TNCs, a self-driving (and never parking) Tesla driving us to the airport, and flea markets and chicken coups on Level 2, the truth comes out. Parking is NOT DEAD! It’s not even sick, in fact, it’s as healthy as ever and here to stay for a very long time. 

Join Dale Denda of Parking Market Research Company, Jeff Pinyot of ECO Parking Tech, and Todd Tucker of Arrive/Flash Parking for an in-depth and entertaining exploration into the metrics that support the healthy parking demand that we see today and project for tomorrow. 

The annual Parking Think Tank that meets every year in Temecula California to discuss pressing parking issues is presenting a series of White Papers on various parking topics of interest to our parking family. These White Papers will be published regularly in Parking Today in the months to come. The first White Paper was printed in the February 2022 edition of Parking Today. This presentation will go into depths on the information from the first White Paper and will feature plenty of time for questions, answers, and a lively discussion. 

Things to know ahead of your trip to Reno for the PIE Show this spring. 

• The house Always Wins!

• The PIE Show will be fantastic

• Friends in person again

• The hotel is amazing

• Speakers will be Top Notch

• Food will be Splendid

• The parking industry is NOT dead

See you all in Reno and make We are Parking, Hear us Roar! a priority session to attend. We tried hard to get Helen Reddy to be part of the presentation, but sadly, Ms. Reddy passed in 2020. So, in honor of Helen Reddy, let’s close with these modified to parking lyrics to her famous song and where our title comes from.

I am PARKING, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
And I’ve been down this road before
No one’s ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes, I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong (strong)
I am invincible (invincible)

Monday, May 16

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Jeff Pinyot
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