What is a TIBA VAR?


What is a TIBA VAR?

The TIBA Authorized VAR Group is a multi-national organized collection of independent parking integrators specializing in designing, deploying, and maintaining the technology used to maximize the guest experience in your parking investment asset while increasing bottom line profitability. 

Our alignment with TIBA Parking Systems suits this approach to our customer’s success perfectly. Designed as a specialty solution, TIBA does not try to make ‘everything parking’ but make one portion of the parking journey and make it really, really well. The approach as a ‘best of breed’ solutions provider gives our customer the ability to have the flexibility to choose technology that fits its approach, budget, and clientele.

What is a VAR? VAR is just a short for Value Added Reseller. The VAR stands for a commitment to a local offering to our clients of a strong serving of supreme technology. We blend that with our committed “local, everywhere” presence and even more driven start-to-finish local installation project focus. 

The TIBA Authorized VAR Group companies are positioned minutes away from any parking location across the U.S. and Canada providing start-to-finish on-site service, support, project management, training, installation, and consultation.

The parking public has evolved. Solutions designed and deployed by TIBA Authorized VAR Group member companies have been at the forefront of this evolution even before mainstream adoptability. 

With TIBA, we are (and have been) ready for a change in parker behavior with flexibility in our hardware and software solutions. A return to work has brought on a change in monthly parker management. 

There is value today in a flexible parking program using both traditional and virtual credentials. Our member companies understand this and represent real-world technology that is being deployed today. 

With a connected parker comes new opportunity for owners of parking assets to deploy overhead cost saving tools as needed. The technologies we represent are carefully selected to bring the maximum return to our clients operating bottom line. Representing ‘best of breed’ technologies for a parking facility allows our members to deliver flexible solutions that fit the application. All locally installed and maintained by factory trained technicians. 

This approach enables our clients to capture 100 percent of the parking facility’s revenue, with the most secured systems and the fastest parking terminals. With the emergence of ‘plug and play’ low-cost hardware into the marketplace the parking industry has seen a gross reduction in quality. TIBA is not in that game. 

As an independent partner the number one priority of the TIBA Authorized Var is a quality product made to last. Our core solution systems are OS-LESS, meaning we do not put off the shelf PCs in the lane. We use embedded processes housed in stainless steel cabinets that can withstand cold weather, hot weather, and hackers (yes, OS driven systems can be hacked). 

TIBA provides the fastest, most reliable lane device available globally that can operate in an offline mode, providing maximum operating time in the parking facility. Our flexible solutions contain thousands of features, from which the VAR selects the best option for the specific use cases in any given parking facility. 

Experience is Value. The connected parking facility of today is looking to maximize value to draw in parking clients to increase revenue. The value of the TIBA Authorized VAR Group is the group. It’s not just the superior technology that sets us apart from all others, it’s the “Start-to-Finish” approach of a turn-key solutions provider involved in every phase of the project. With hundreds of years of valuable knowledge in our collective, we are able to help our clients maximize the profitability of the parking facility for years into the future. 

The VAR is local. When clients need a program change, a VAR is there locally to assist. When a site needs emergency services, a VAR is there locally to assist. Now more than ever it is critically important to trust the services of your parking asset locally, to companies that are invested in the community. 

Out of country help centers and sub-contracted service technicians are just what they are, slow to respond and repair. When selecting the right parking solutions for a facility make sure to look for a ‘start to finish’ approach by a long-term partner. The local TIBA Authorized VAR company is operating by that motto, put them to work for your success. 


Saed Sattel is managing member of Pinnacle Parking Systems. He can be reached at saed@pinnacleparkingsystems.com

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