Who Wouldn’t Want to Work Alongside Someone Like That?


Who Wouldn’t Want to Work Alongside Someone Like That?

David Hoyt Chief Revenue Officer, ParkMobile

What makes a leader?

Several years ago, we created an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) at ParkMobile. As part of our ELDP, each cohort completes the Clifton Strengths Assessment, so I often find myself leaning into that frame of thought. Hence, for me, good leadership revolves around inspiring others to take initiative and achieve shared outcomes. One of my favorite quotes on the subject comes from John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

What is the difference between a leader and a manager? 

To many people, “leader” and “manager” may seem synonymous and, oftentimes, leadership and management can overlap somewhat. Broadly speaking, I see leaders as strategic and visionary and managers as structured and tactical. As our workforce continues to evolve (expanding globally, going remote, getting more agile), organizational success will require the line between leader and manager to blur.    

How do you motivate yourself to see things anew every day?

In the tech world, you always have to innovate. To succeed, ParkMobile has to be more innovative, more creative, and able to add more value for our customers and clients than any other company in our space. We regularly challenge ourselves to evaluate and evolve our products, procedures, and policies. To borrow a sports analogy, we “skate to where the puck is going.” To stay on top of the latest trends, we’re required to constantly embrace change. On both a personal and organizational level, this commitment to innovation and change is incredibly motivating.  

What are the biggest challenges you face today in 2022 as a leader?

The workforce is evolving. Specifically, for ParkMobile, we’ve increasingly become a global organization with many of our employees being fully remote. Considering that one of our core strengths is our culture and connection to one another, this has been a big and sometimes difficult shift. It can definitely be a challenge to try and find ways to inspire, collaborate, and truly connect when you are remote.   

From historical figures or people in the public eye, who would you want to be your leader/CEO?

While there are many, I find myself leaning to Winston Churchill. What fascinates me about Churchill is that he was truly at his best when Britain needed him most. He exuded determination and optimism and rallied the British people from the brink of defeat to victory. During the war, he also regularly visited bombed towns and factories. That public leadership style, of standing side-by-side with citizens, did a lot to build up morale in a time of crisis. Churchill regularly offered up his “blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” Who wouldn’t want to work alongside someone like that?

Do the C titles make a difference, and if so, how?

Yes. Your focus changes when you enter the C-Suite. On your way up to the C-Suite, it’s your technical and functional expertise that’s critical. But once you’re at that level, it’s much more important to have a strong understanding of leadership skills and a broad grasp of business fundamentals. 

What are the essential ingredients for a successful team?

When building a successful team, you have to look for a group of individuals that have a diverse set of strengths. Legendary Boston Celtics basketball coach Red Auerbach once remarked, “Some people believe you win with the five best players, but I found out that you win with the five who fit together best.” While raw talent is definitely an important part of success, the most talented team on paper doesn’t always win. At ParkMobile, our management team members all have very different strengths. Everyone is encouraged to do what we do best, leverage our teammate’s strengths whenever possible, and trust in each other to work towards our common goals.  

What is your dream job?

I truly enjoy being Chief Revenue Officer at ParkMobile. But there was a job posting in 2021 that made me think about a career change: “Attention Cubs fans: The Chicago Cubs are looking to hire a new Public Address Announcer to be the voice of the Chicago Cubs while in Wrigley Field. They must also be available for all 81 regular season home games for the Cubs, along with any makeup games, tie breaker games, play-off games and certain non-game events.” I could make that work!//

David Hoyt is Chief Revenue Officer, ParkMobile

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David Hoyt
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