ZipBy Features Ambassador Intern Program


ZipBy Features Ambassador Intern Program

The ZipBy Ambassador intern program was specifically designed to give millennial College and University students the opportunity to gain insight into the latest technology in the world of mobility and autonomous parking.

ZipBy’s internship allows these students to engage directly with the end user by educating them on the benefits of frictionless and autonomous mobile App solutions. The interns set up customer engagement kiosks within the parking facilities to talk directly to parkers, all while handing out informative fliers on this next generation of Autonomous parking and explaining the ease of downloading the free ZipBy App.

For the interns, who usually come from a marketing and business course curriculum, there is a tremendous opportunity for them to see a very dynamic industry and to attract fresh new minds to the parking and mobility industry. On the other hand, the interns bring fresh new ideas to the parking industry from a millennial’s perspective. Everyone wins. The parker, general public and, of course, this offers wonderful career development opportunities for these exciting young minds.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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