A Note from a Friend

I received this from John Clancy. Now retired, John worked in the technology side of the industry for decades. I don’t think this needs any

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A Parking Newbie

I was looking back at some blog posts from 20 years ago and found this one fit today as well as at the turn of

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Look out the Window

If there is any advice I can give it’s concerning the passing scene. “Look out the window.” Rather than listen to CNN or the New

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In Hoc Anno Domini

I repeat a post for 2022. It seems most appropriate with all the happenings around the world.   The phrase In Hoc Anno Domini refers

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Merry Christmas

I usually write about the magic of Christmas, the legends and stories that have been told for millennia. But I can’t seem to get in

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Mercy Equaled Psychological Safety

In the early stages of my career, while in my mid-twenties, I encountered a challenging customer situation that required getting management involved. In hindsight, the prudent approach would have been to first provide my boss

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PIE 2024: Reflections and Ideas

As advertised, PIE 2024 provided a great opportunity for making connections. The organization of the conference was flawless: from speed networking to seminar scheduling to facilitating discussions on the exhibit floor. As a new entrant

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Death By Parking

Death by Parking
For those of you living in a cave, I wrote a series of short stories a few years ago and then went on hiatus. It turned into a book, which you can buy on Amazon. I felt it was time to bring back Paul Manning and his crew with perhaps a little more grit in the story. JVH

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