Look out the Window


Look out the Window

If there is any advice I can give it’s concerning the passing scene. “Look out the window.” Rather than listen to CNN or the New York Times, simply believe your eyes.

If you are concerned about bike lanes, look at the bike lanes near you and see just how many bikes are using them. In my case, zero, zip.

If you are concerned about bus lanes, then take a look at them. If you notice that the lanes took two traffic lanes but are used by five buses every 20 minutes, then you may wonder just why the city spent millions to create them.

If you wonder just how EV charging stations will be used, take a look at the stations that are installed now and just how many are being used. Compare that to the local gas station.

How about scooters. Just how many do you see in use on a daily basis. Likewise with bikes from the city supplied bike rental stations.

Is parking “back?” Take a look at the parking surface lots and the structures adjacent to shopping malls or office buildings. Are they empty, full or whatever?

If you are concerned about the weather, look out the window. I guarantee you will instantly know what the weather is, and most likely what it is going to be.

Be aware of the world around you. You will lead a much happier life.


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