Losing My Mind, And My Car

There are days when I feel like a mental patient of sorts. Whether I am suffering from memory loss, sleep deprivation, depression, temporary insanity or

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Leasing Smart!

Higher margins. By offering a monthly lease payment, most distributors see an increase in their profit margins. Why? Because many times the financial terms are

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I Never Thought of That

The boss finally got home, and after getting reacquainted, we talked about his adventures in Manila. One story caught my attention. The largest shopping center

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An Education in Parking

Just when I thought I had experienced most of what the world of parking has to offer, my daughter started kindergarten earlier this fall. In

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We Have Your Back!

For some in this industry, the term “consultant” can have some negative connotations. That doesn’t have to be the case! During my career with the

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Drawing Meaning from a Mission

“Conceal the cars,” said leaders of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC), Cleveland, in their initial direction to designers of the new patient parking

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Parking Enforcement 101

Ask any parking operator about the key to operational control and they will tell you it is proper parking enforcement. Enforcement at some level is

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Disagrees on SF Parking

Editor, Parking Today: I greatly appreciate Parking Today’s efforts to promote market-rate parking. However, I disagree with your objections to using parking fees to fund

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Green Parking: The Aesthetic Way

As environmental regulations strengthen and financial incentives materialize, investment in renewable energy continues to grow. Advances in solar energy have transformed the way we look

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Disagreement with PT

Editor, Parking Today: Re: “Temperature can affect upper floors of precast garages” (March 2009) The aspect of camber increasing in the top level of parking

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Three Keynote Sessions

“Management Insights for Difficult Times” – Dr. Ronald Hill An industry welcome breakfast on Sunday, May 17, with keynote speaker Dr. Ronald Hill, promises to

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I Am Not Making This Up

Whitebeam is a type of tree, and a new sub-species was recently found in Devon, UK. The official registered name of this tree is “Sorbus

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Our Rates Are a Steal

Editor, Parking Today: I really don’t know where some business-minded people get their smarts. Here in Florence, AL, our meter rates are a steal. We

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Centro Comerciales Estacionamiento*

What paid parking facility averages 17,000 transient tickets and 1,250 monthly customers every day Monday through Thursday, and 20,000 transient tickets and 1,000 monthly customers

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Mission: Parking as Art

Parking garages provide a perfunctory purpose in today’s corporate environment. The requirement is simple. We have people, we have cars; and we need to put

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